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Sarah Sampson Gunboat Transcript

On board Steamer Molly Baker
From Harrisons Landing
Wednesday A.M. July 10

My very dear Gen’l

Your letter of the 14th of June did not reach me till a week ago – and since then I have been too much engaged to write a word.

I write you now that I may send you as early as possible a list of the names of those from Maine I have just left in the hospital at the landing – I took great pains to see them all yesterday – I had also taken the names of those of our own soldiers at “Savages Station,” but they were lost with all my possessions at the “skedaddle.”  Mrs. Harris and myself were saved a hasty retreat by being obliged to go to White House on an errand, and after we got there, we could not return.

Before this reaches you, you will have heard that my husband has resigned his Commission under Gen’l Birney and we are now homeward bound.

It is with great reluctance that I leave at a time when my services are so much, ever so much needed; and when my opportunities and facilities for affording relief to the suffering are daily extending, and it is made still greater by the earnest persuasions and importunities of many that I should remain from a sense of duty – But I feel my first duty is to my husband, who would not on any account permit me to remain even were I disposed to. He has lost none of his patriotism, though I think his confidence in some of the commanders somewhat shaken at least.

I trust after a few weeks of quiet and rest for which he has suffered very much, since he left the Hospital at Fortress Monroe, he may again be able to offer his services to his country and I will return with him.  In the mean time, I hope to arrange some little matters in regard to the sanitary condition of our troops that I am confident will be of benefit and which I can do much better at home than here.

I am very grateful for the little notes of encouragement I have from time to time received from you during the past year, and trust that I may be do kindly remembered in future --

Please remember me very kindly to Mrs. Lemont and others – I received a letter from Mrs. Fuller of “Ladies Aid” in Augusta relative to boxes sent to my address for the sick – I shall remain at Fortress M. in order to see them properly forwarded, and meet the Col. in Washington –

Hoping to have the pleasure of seeing you shortly I am as ever

Very truly yr’s
Mrs. Sampson

Gen’l Hodsdon
Augusta = Me

We are going under guard of the gun – boat Galena as the steamer which came up this morning was fired into by rebel batteries - There is considerable excitement on board –
Later I am told we have been fired at by quite a number of guns but as yet none has hit us.