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Neal Dow Sharpshooters Transcript

Oct. 21st, 1861
His Excellency the Governor
The Governor

Dear Sir –

I have written to Mr. D. S. Stinson of Auburn that with your approbation he may be quartermaster of the 13th Reg’t.

I am desirous that the Company of Sharp Shooters now recruiting at Augusta may be added to the 13th.

My cousin – who wished to be Quartermaster of the 13th, has concluded to go with it as 1st Lieutenant.

Most Respectfully,
Neal Dow

To the Adjutant General at Augusta –

Will you please send me six more sets Recruiting papers –

I want very much the Sharp Shooters at Augusta added to the 13th.
In haste-

Very truly yours,

Neal Dow
Oct 21/61

Portland Oct. 21, 1861

My Dear General,

I am much obliged for your kind attention to my many wants – overwhelmed as you are with innumerable calls upon your time. Mssrs. Pitcher and Plaisted are very desirous to go with the 13th, as Major Heseltine writes me, and have set their hearts upon it.

I understand there is a company of sharpshooters recruiting at Augusta to be attached to some Reg’t – why not to the 13th?  The expectation is that the 13th may be sometimes an independent, special service – in which case the battery and a Co. of Sharp Shooters will be extremely useful.

The Boston Journal says a Mr. Hunt is authorized to raise 5 batteries of light artillery. I trust my batteries are to be filled first.
Truly yours,
Neal Dow