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Moses Lakeman 3rd ME Casualties Transcript

Camp of 3rd Maine Regiment
2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 3rd Corps AP
Near Potomac Creek Bay
May 9th 1863

To Gen. John L. Hodsdon
A.A.Gen of Maine


I have the honor to transmit the following report of the movement of the 3rd Maine Regiment, under my command, during the late battles before Fredericksburg, VA.

My regiment was in line, according to order, at 4 o’clock PM on the 28th of April, and about 5pm took their position in the Brigade, and marched towards the Rappahannock River, a distance of about 5 miles, where we bivoaced for the night.

On the 29th at about 9 a.m we moved, by order, two miles nearer, in order to be within supportive distance of the troops under Gen. Sedgewick, and there remained till the following day, bivoacing for the night.

At 1 o’clock on the 30th I received orders to march, and with the brigade moved towards Twister States Ford a distance of 15 miles above, near where we arrived about midnight we bivoaced till morn.

On the 1st of May, my regiment was in line at daybreak, and about half past 5 am marched to the aforesaid ford, crossed the Rappahannock River, and from thence proceeded to the “Plank Road” leading from Gordonsville to Fredericksburg, accompanied by the other regiments of the brigade, and then took position in line of battle, as ordered, and remained till the morning of the 2nd, when the regiment moved up the road and took another position, nearer the front, where we awaited an attack till 2 o clock PM.

The regiment with the brigade was at this time ordered to the extreme front, in reserve, the position taken, our movements have varied and ….and shortly after sunset we were ordered to the centre and remained there in line of battle till nearly midnight, when the brigade has ordered to change on a force, supposed to be in our front. The Regiment with the brigade advanced nobly to the charge, and a terrible fight ensued, which lasted nearly an hour. We succeeded in taking the 1st and second line of earthworks, and held them till daylight on the following morning, notwithstanding the stubborn resistance of the enemy who were five times our number. We also succeeded in keeping open the communication with the 12th Army Corps, which had previously been cut off by the flank movement of the enemy, which had driven back the eleventh Army Corps.

I cannot speak in praise sufficient of the gallant conduct of the officers and men of the 3rd. God bless them, they never flinched, but pressed onward under a most galling line of infantry and artillery, and gave back round for round, though the odds were against us. And while I feel to exult in the noble manner our gallant generals (JH Hobart Ward) commands were obeyed, I do not neglect to heave a sigh for the gallant and daring spirits who were cut down in the fearful encounter. I lost there four of my officers and fifty-six men, wounded and missing, the names of which I shall append.

On Sunday morn at dawn, the enemy occupying the woods to our right and rear opened a terrible fire upon the brigade, which we returned and by order left the breastwork and retired to Chancellorsville, where the bloody battle of that day was fought, and with the brigade supported such batteries as ordered, and in participating in the action of the day 1st Lieut Warren Cox. of Company B was killed, also one man killed and one wounded-we were then ordered to a second line of defense where the regiment remained till Monday morning, when we were ordered again to the front, and occupied the first line of defense. Here the enemy’s shell came thick and fast and several men were more or less seriously wounded.

In this position the enemy made there different attacks upon us and were hard soundly repulsed at each assault. The conduct of the Regiment in the front centre and rear was admirable, for we were assailed on all points, and the Brigade has been highly complimented by the Commanding General, for the gallantry of its officers and men. We continued to hold the front line till daybreak on the morning of the 5th, when ordered to move and were the last to leave the front. We crossed the Rappahannock River about 9am and by order moved to our previous camp, where we now are, awaiting orders.

The following list embraces the casualties in the regiment during the entire movement, viz:

Company A Private EJ Crooker, killed
Company A Color Sgt. YB Curtis, wounded in hip
Company A Corpl R. Henderson wounded in leg
Corpl HJ Raymond wounded in arm and shoulder
Private J Ridley wounded in leg (slight)
Private HA Dounell wounded in leg severely
Private RS Hatch, missing

Company B 1st Lieut Warren Cox, killed
Private L Selbing, wounded, arm amputated WO Clark wounded in leg severely
Private S. A. Myrick, wounded severely
Sergt EW Saubon, missing
Private ES Goodwin, missing

Company C Private JC Dalton, wounded in leg
JC Morrison, missing

Company D Corpl JE Purrington, missing
Private GF Bliss, missing

Company E Private HM Packard, wounded in neck
Private G Webber, wounded in shoulder
1st Lieut-Gen S. Fuller, missing
2d Lieut-Gen A Nye, missing
Sergt S Wanofsky, missing
Sergt. O Gould, missing
Corpl GA Francis, missing
Private YH Fairbanks, missing
Private SS George, missing
Private ER Gould, missing
Private CF Gilenau, missing
Private W Laughton, missing
Private YE Wagner, missing

Company F 1st Lieut Daul W. Emery, severely wounded and missing
Private John H Durpin wounded in arm and lung, severely
Private Chas. Getchell, shoulder, severely
Sergt John Putnam, missing
Private Geo. W. Steward, missing
Private Alvin Gibson, missing
Private Chas. B Russell, missing
Private MFB Judkins, missing

Company G-Private J. Morgan, wounded
Corpl CH Seldon, missing
Corpl HJ Goulding, missing
Private WM Graves, missing
Private JA Philbrook, missing
Private S Graves, missing
Private GW Nason, missing

Company H Private J Wentworth, killed
Sergt GE Burgess, wounded in hand, severe
Private F Farrington wounded in hand, slight
Private JR Hern, missing
Private J McKay, missing
Private E. Pillsbury, missing
Private GW Robinson, missing
Private B. Hunter, missing

Company I 2d Lieut D Witham, missing
Sergt J Ballard, missing
Corpl B H Westerfield, missing
Private JA Clack, missing
Private BR Graut, missing
Private G Goodwin, missing
Private J Quimby, missing

Company K Private EK Mauu, missing
Private DW Philbrook, missing
Private S Allen, missing
Private EBF Colby, missing

The foregoing column shows a total of 65 killed, wounded and missing.

I have the honor to be,
Your obed’t serv’t
MB Lakeman
Colonel, 3d Maine Regt.