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Lemuel Jenkins Transcript

Temple Maine

April 9 “ 1866

To the Hon Samuel Cony Governor of ME and his Council

Sirs I was a soldier in the 28 Me rag of vol company I and served my time out faithfully and was discharged and was well till about six weeks before Ii started for home then I was taken with what the doctors call cronic diarhae which I have had ever since so that I can do but very little work and some days none    now sirs I contracted this disease in the army and in the service of my country    now sirs what I want to know is whether I am entitled to the pension the State is granting to soldiers and others    now sir what more I to say add wount concern the above   I was a soldier in the war of 1812 and was honorable discharged from the service of my country  I was on Lake Champlain in that battle and was a first loader of a long twenty four pounder and loaded it fifty two times in that action.  Therefore sir I knew I could stand fine if it was from a rebel and I had country to save and I felt I could searve it nine months which did and helped bury many a poore comrade that was young and the delight of farther and mother  my chance with the sick was grate  I was detailed to take care of the sick at east new york and keep with them till I got to Augusty and was able to assist them some every day.  Now sir if I should live three days longer I shall be seventy one years old and sarved my country in two big wars.  I had no state or united states bounty   now sir do you not think I ought to have a pension.  neather have I had eany state ade since I got home.   you will ask how I got in the service if I was so old   the doctor that inspected the nine months men said he would muster me inn so I inlisted and went to augusta  staid a month or more before major Gardner mustered the reg in then he mustered me out  I then told Capt Stanley I must have a discharge  he took me to head quarters and I told col ricker how mutch I wanted to go and if I went home the copperhead would say I had diserted and it would hender others from going  he sent me to the governor  I told him my story  he told me he could do nothing for me   maj gardner was above him  he was nothing but a State officer  maj gardner united State officer   I went back to headquarters told the Col he said did you talk to him as smart as you did to me  I did sir and moreso  I thought he head more authority then you head  he rose to his feet clapt his hands together and said I say you shall go  I inlisted and was mustered in and sarved my time     now gentlemen when you are all in your councell chamber talking about the law giving bounty to soldiers and if you feel this old soldier is excluded you say as the Col did put your hands in your pockets say the old Soldier shall have something  it will be but a little while before he will fight his last fight and make his last charge.

Lemuel Jenkins