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Light Brigade News Article Transcript

A New England Light Brigade

We understand M. Field Fowler, Esq., and other gentlemen of this city, with the approbation of Governor Andrew and his staff, are making an effort to organize a "Light Brigade," to be composed of six hundred picked men, not under 21 or over 42 years o age, who will represent, in a military sense, the "flower of New England." It is to be made up of volunteers from the New England States, who are to be selected by the Governors of each State, and rendezvous at Springfield, Mass., as soon as possible. Each man must furnish his own horse, which must also conform to a standard fixed by the Governor of each State.

The ladies, we hear, have volunteered to raise the money necessary to uniform and equip the "Light Brigade," and it is expected the ladies of every city and town in New England will show their devotion and loyalty to the stars and stripes by raising a fund, to be called the "Ladies own patriotic fund," the wife of each Governor to act as Treasurer, and the money to be expended, or as much as may be required, for the purpose of a "Light Brigade," under the direction of the Governor of each State, and the balance to be devoted to the benefit of the families of all New England volunteers who may suffer by death or absence their relatives.

This will afford the ladies a fine opportunity, by their example, to encourage and excite the brave men on New England, and share in their glory on the field of battle, especially if the "six hundred" should ever have an opportunity to charge "into the valley of death," like the famous "six hundred" of Old England, who immortalized themselves in history and poetry at Balaklava, in the Crimean war. It is not intended to call on Government for one cent, until they are accoutred, drilled and fully equipped, ready to tender their services to the President of the United States, which it is fully expected will be on or before the 4 th of July, it being impossible to obtain the accoutrements immediately.

Mr. Fowler will receive the names of volunteers at No. 46 Union Park, Boston, and it is hoped a squadron may be formed for drill in this city at once. The estimated expense of uniforms, arms, accoutrements and trappings complete is about $300 each, or say $200,000. Let their "sweethearts and wives" feel proud of them when the command is given, " Forward, the Light Brigade!" if every lady in New England has to sell her trinkets. If any money is left, it will be in good hands, and devoted to the families of all the soldiers from New England who shall suffer by the war.