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Edward Ballard Keene Transcript

U.S. Gun-Boat Osceola
Boston Harbor, March 16, '64
Wednesday Morning

Dear Father

Your words of caution were not only gladly recieved but I shall try very hard to profit by them as I have by all your words. Thank God! The Capt's name is Mr. Clitz who is about fifty years old and had rather fight two rebels gun-boats like this than to eat a harty dinner provided they both fought him at the same time. The Lewt. name is Mr. Wideman who is a young man with the Master's Mates. The Sailing Masters with the Ensigns are middle aged men and are masters at their business. I have got the good will of all the Officers and shall keep it. Am in hope that they will promote me to Gunner by and by. One of my Chums herd the Capt. ask who that smart fellow was when I was furling the Square-Sail and the Lewt. said it was me and said there was not a smarter man aboard when any work was to be done. I have not commenced to use either tobacco or rum yet and trust I never shall. I am naturally cool and collected in time of danger as you know and hope I shall always be especially if I get a grip on one of those Southern hounds. I am glad to hear that Martha Pilsbury and May Cowel are married and send my regards to Mr. Fogg if you please.

Do not know when or where we are going. Went on a tryal trip last week about thirty miles from here and she can sail and steam eighteen or twenty nots.
Write often and tell all to do the same. Give regards to all and believe me ever as your affect. son. E.B.K.

There is a monitor repairing here. She is a savage looking craft!