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John F. Libbey Transcript

West Waterville June 20th 1863
John L. Hodsdon Esq.

Dear Sir,

I once more take the liberty of asking you a few questions in regard to a Paroled prisoner. I know of a young man who was taken prisoner at the last great battle under Hooker was sent to Richmond. Paroled and sent to our Parole camp where he remained some two or three weeks he asked the Col. Commanding the camp if he could give him a furlough and he had been in the army he said two years and had been in every battle his Regt. was engaged in; and had not been off from duty more than one week since he entered the army. The Col. said it was beyond his power to grant any furloughs but if he had been in service two years he ought to have a chance to come home and see his friends; and also told him that he ought to know enough by this time to take a furlough.

He took up with the Col. advice and is now at home; but he don’t feel exactly right about the affair as he don’t know but someone will think he is a deserter and arrest him; and he don’t want it done as he is no deserter; but will go back as he is exchanged; but as he has not seen his friends for sometime he would like to stay as long as he can before returning and so he wanted me to write you and tell you all the particulars about the matter and see what you thought was best to do and see if you could help him in any way.

He is the Son of a poor widow who has but two sons and they are both in the Army.

I know that military laws pretty strict; but I think this ought to be an exception; and furthermore I will pledge my honor that he will go back as soon as he is exchanged; and he is in communication with the paroled prisoners, who are to inform him when he is exchanged and he will at once return to his Regiment. He was paroled on the 13th of May 1863 and belongs to the 3d Maine Regt. I want you to write me all the particulars about this matter and whether he will have any of his wages taken from him and everything else concerning this thing.

Please do me the favor to answer this at once. Confidential
Yours Respectfully John F. Libbey

I would most respectfully refer you to the following gentlemen for my standing in society.
Josiah H. Drummond Attorney Gen.
Everett R Drummond Waterville
Hon. D.L. Milliken