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John Gilman Transcript

Sebec August 7 1862
Report of Milo
Capt John S. Sampson Co. D. 2nd Regt.  Discharged by order of Gen McClellan, Nov.26/61 by S. Williams, Assistant Adjutant General, for disability.
Frank Hodgkins Co. D. 2nd Regt. No Papers.  He says he was sick at Yorktown. Was sent to Bangor without his consent or knowing where he was going.  He wrote Gen. Hodsdon, who told him to get a surgeon’s certificate, sent it. He is going to Augusta Friday this week.
Samuel I. Millet Co. D.  2nd Regt. Discharged By C.W. Roberts, Col.2nd Regt. Debility.
Charles S. Leonard Co. D. 2nd Regt. Discharged August 6/61 C. D. Jameson, Col., 2nd Regt.  Disability.
David S. Buswell Co. L.  2nd Regt. Discharged June 21/61 by Jas. K.F Mansfield Bgr.  Gen.  (Facsimile)
James P. Kittridge Co. D. 2nd Regt. Discharged Sept. 14/61 at Fort Corcoran by C. W. Roberts 2nd Regt. (Disability)
Eliazer B. Tolman  Co. D, 2nd Regt. Gone to Augusta to report in person.
Jason C. Bradeen Co. D, 2nd Regt. No papers.  Says he is discharged & that his discharge was sent to Washington to get his pension. Some of the money he has rec’d from Augusta.
J.R. Stinchfield Co. D. Regt. Discharged May 9 (no date), ’62 by order of Brig.Gen. Wadsworth U.S.A., Commandant at Washington D.C.  Signed by no one except as above – a printed blank and in other respect like others.  Health good.
R. A. Monroe Co. D. 2nd Regt was prisoner at Bull Run, is home on a parole. Went to Augusta, got a certificate from the surgeon for a discharge and expects it to come soon.
H. W. Macomber Com. Sergeant 2nd Regt., Discharged Aug.9 by C. D. Jameson, Col. 2nd Regt.  Inguinal Hernia.
E.E. Severance Co. D. 2nd Regt. Discharged July 22nd /62 Washington D. C. By reason of Surgeon’s certificate – By command of Brig. Gen. Wadsworth.  William M. Watson, Assistant Surgeon U.S.A. in charge of Hospital.
Jairus A Frost Co. E. 14th Regt. Discharged June 8/62 New Orleans by Surgeons certificate of disability. F.S. Nickerson, Col. 14th.
Elbridge G. Frost Co. D. 2nd Regt. Discharged August 9/61 by reason of constant disability.  C.D. Jameson, Col. 2nd Regt. Health poor.
Edward Ricker Co. D 2nd Regt. No Papers  Could not see him.  Gone from home.  I am satisfied from reliable information that he is used up for life, being sent home, how he does not know. All Milo folks say he never will be good for anything.

Report of Danville
Isaac Pray Co. E 11th Regt. Discharged March 26/62 by John Caldwell Com, 11th Regt.
Charles P. Powers Co. D 2nd Regt. Could not see him or his papers, gone to Penobscot Co.  Said to be discharged, reliable men have seen it.  Measles & Diptheria.
James Walker Co. D 2nd Regt.  No Papers.  Gone from home, his father says he went to Augusta, got his discharge, sent it to Boston to get his pay. Heart complaint. Injured at Bull Run.
James Philpot Co. E. 14th Regt. Discharged.  Surgeons certificate of inability at Augusta May 5/62  By Maj. Gardner
Jesse Ross Co. E. 14th Regt. Discharged New Orleans June 8/62 by Surgeons certificate of disability.  F.S. Nickerson Col. commanding
Aaron Wilson Co. E. 14th Regt. Was at his house, did not call for papers as his maker will discharge him from all trouble in this world in a few hours.