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Drummond Transcript RE Chamberlain

State of Maine
Attorney General’s Office,
Portland, July 21, 1862
My Dear Governor,

 I am credibly informed and believe that the Capt and 1st Lieut. Elect of Company B in Falmouth are secessionists and were elected on their pledge to resist a draft, and that they and their friends actually threatened at the time of the election to resist by force any measures looking towards a draft.

The Capt’s name is Lorenzo Munnsfort and the Lieu’s Ebenezer L. Huston. The Union men in that Company feel badly about it & will pay fines rather than do any duty under them.

They want the commissions of these fellows withheld and the subordinates commissioned

The fourth Lieu is a Union man: and the third Lieut is not known only by the company he was with He went with those who elected the Capt.

On the whole, the fourth Lieut is the only one they dare trust.

The Capt. & 1st Lieut were in the secesh company formed last year in that town. Private

Have you app’td Chamberlain Col. Of 20th?  His old classmates etc here say, you have been deceived: that C. is nothing at all: that is the universal expression of those who know him.

Yours truly,

Hon I. Washburn Jr.