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Horace Wright 8/14 Transcript

Culpeper Court House Va
Augst 14, 1862

Dearest Wife

I will try to compose myself to write you a few lines to let you know how we are but you must prepare yourself for the worst.  I wrote to Arabine from Ilchester when I was there.  I left there the next morning for Washington and and started from there the next day for camp and was on the road a week.  We arrived at camp on Tuesday and Friday we was ordered to march at a minute notice.  We march seven miles out and there we met the enemy in a large force Saturday we had the hardest fought battle that has been fought  while it lasted about two hours we had twenty three killed and wounded out of our company. 

Lyman had his right arm shot off and a flesh wound through thigh.  I was driving a carriage to bring the wounded of the field and was off the field with a load of wounded when he was wounded so I missed him  he got off into the woods and laid over night.  The rebels come the next morning and tell him they were going to carry him off with them and went after a carriage to get him with and as soon as they were gone he hobbled off and hollard and some of our men come to his relief and we brought him in had him cared for poor fellow  he is now doing as well as he can under the circumstances but it an awful thing to think of much more to see his courage is first rate but God deliver me from seeing another such a sight as I have seen for the week past but such is the effects of war.

Lieut Folsome was killed on the field instantly.  Mr. Brooks was wounded in the arm  that was all that you new anything about so I will not stop to name the rest of the wounded this time.

I expect Lyman will be sent to Elexandria soon where he will have good care taken of him  they have women nurses there to take care of the wounded soldiers  he has very good care taken of him here and I go in to see him twice a day  it near about breaks my heart to see my poor boy with but one arm and to be a cripple for life but it is so and I will write you as often as I can and let you know how he is getting along.

I am about sick myself.  I have not had no rest day nor night for a week nor do I expect to while I stay in the army  tell Biny to write us often as she can  tell all children how do for fathere and Lyman  tell Allura to write as often as she can you the same.

I received your letter and stamp so I must bid you good by for the present

From your loving husband

M A Wright H Wright