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Henry G. Rust, Jr. Transcript

Box 49

Folder 19

13 th Maine


Headquarters 13 th Maine Regt

Ship Island, Miss, Nov. 22 nd 1862


Gov Washburn


Dear Sir:

Your letter of October 9 th making enquiry into the reasons why the allotment money of the soldiers in my command has not been received in Maine came this morning to hand.

I will give you all the information I am able in reaction to the matter.

After leaving Maine, the Regt was first paid on the 8 th July up to and including the 30 th April 1862 by Paymaster Maj. Ira Hewitt. He then stated to us that as he had no deposits forth, the allotment could not be any feasibility be paid until his return there; which would not b until Sept. or October. We, being among the last regiments paid, his funds, if he had any more, had been exhausted. He was ta ken sick in New Orleans started for the North some time in October and, as I learn, died during the passage.

The several detachments of the Regt have since been paid once: within the past four weeks at different times by Paymaster R. G. Usher, been to the 31 st of August: and he assured me that the allotment money due for the four months for which he paid the Regt would be forthcoming just as soon as he could make up and forward his returns of payment: which would be with all possible dispatch. At the same time he said if, as we fear, Maj. Hewitt had not arranged the matter before his death, he knew no way that the money previously due could be secured and paid to the families of the men, until after Hewitt's affairs were passed into the hands of the proper parties for settlement which would involve considerable time.

The allotment system seems to be working badly; especially at points so remote from the Central Government as is this Department. And all interested are very anxious (no more so than the Paymasters, who are subject to an almost infinite amount of trouble) to have it bro ken up. But I know of no way of accomplishing such an object except by the mutual consent of all the parties to the contract, the W.S. Govt each individual allotting and the assigned.

We all realize very keenly the suffering caused to the families of the soldiers by this delay: really pauperizing, as it does, or making dependent on charity, many who rely upon the earnings of those in the Army as their only means if supports and I will gladly do anything in my power to ameliorate or correct the evil. I can, I have no doubt, get every one allotting in this Regt to petition for the canceling of their contract, provided we can learn in what form it should properly be done, and could be assured that such a course would avail.

If any other means can be deemed more feasible you may rely upon my hearty cooperation.

The isolated provision of this Post and consequent infrequence of communication with parties who have larger means of knowledge than myself prevents my giving you so full information in the premises, as I would be glad to afford.

With many thanks for your active interest in the matter,


I am very respectfully Your Obl. Serv't

Henry Rust Jr

Col 13 th Me Regt


PS Commissions to fill the vacancies I wrote you about in my last have, with the exception of Freemans, been this day received of which Adjt Gen Hodsdon has been duly informed.


Henry Rust Jr.

28 years old from Norway Maine (occupation not given)

Dec. 10 1861 mustered from Augusta, in the service 3 years, got promotion from lt. col to col.