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Charles Goodwin Transcript

Satterlee U.S.A. Hospital
West Philadelphia Pa Jan 7th ‘64

To Hon J. L. Hodsdon


I take the liberty to send you for some information and to see if you can do something for me, I will state my case to you and you can judge of it. I came here to this hospital in July last – I was sick at that time but having fully recovered I made applications to be sent to my Reg’t but was not sent and in Dec. they raised a Company of Invalids for the 2nd Batt. And I was partly examined and when they came to muster the Co. I refused to hold up my hand to be mustered...but I told them that I did not wish to go into the Invalid Corps but wished to join my Reg’t and for which I with a number of others was confined in the guard house for a number of days and then was released...and I have been here since but could not get to my Reg’t, and they having got the uniforms and equipments for the Co. last weekand they wished me to take a set of equipments and uniform, but I refused to do it and I was put into the guard house and confined in a celland I am here now shut in a cell which is not long enough to lay down in, it being only 5 feet six inches long and two feet wide.  How long I shall be kept here, but I suppose it will be until I will take the uniform.

I do not wish to go into the Invalid Corps as I am not disabled and I wish to rejoin my Reg’t as I wished to reenlist. I have not been regularly examined, if I had I should have been sent away, but they have a way of doing things here different from any other place I ever saw - but what I wish to know is if they have a right to force me into the Invalid Corps or to confine me in a cell of the size of this one.  I shall not go into this Corps until I know I am obliged to.

And knowing that you could give me the information I have taken the liberty to send to you and if you think it worthy of your notice and can do anything for me, you will greatly oblige Your Humble Servant.

Charles R. Goodwin
Co. B 6th Reg’t Maine

To J. L. Hodsdon
Adj. Gen.
Augusta, Maine            

[Annotation in Hodsdon’s handwriting:]
“ I presume the court can require you
to serve out the bal. of yr. term of
enlistment in the Invalid Corps.”