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John French Sees Lincoln Transcript

Washington DC July 6 1861

Dear Brother,

I take this opportunity to write you a few lines to let you know how I get along in this new county. I am well and feel good we don’t have much to do yet in the line of fighting but hope we shall soon if we are ever going to.  the fourth passed of the same as every other day and had nothing extra but we have pretty good times every day a good many of our regiment are sick but nothing dangerous chang of climate & water has afected them some. Congress met on the fourth & they had quite a time in the City, yesterday we got the Presidents message. he recomends  the raising of men enough to make four hundred thousands men & cleaning the d—n rebels out but I suppose you get all of that news as soon as I do. the second Maine regiment left here wensday night & moved over into Virginia about eight miles from here & the 3rd is going to day I was over in to the 4th  reg the other day & see Silas Perkins he was glad to see me & told me that Eben Whitcomb was in the reg & was Captain of the Searsport Co. I did not see him for he was not there but I am going over again the news is that a battle took place over in Virginia & the Fedral troops took between 200 & 300 prisoners. I haven’t got any news to write because I don’t hear much We do get a few dayly  papers but you probly get more than I do I want you to write to me & tell me how you spent the 4th I suppose you had about the same old good time that you always have. We have got a brass band in our regiment composed of pieces & they all say it is the best band in the county. I see Abe Lincoln last night he passed by here in his caridge  he is a good looking man not half so homly as he is represented to be. The nigers are thick as flies around here & that makes me think of our journey here we passed by slave plantations where they was at work & they looked about as I supposed they would: they would all swing their hats at us as we passed  we saw one secession flag at Havre de grace it was some ways off from the road  if it had not been we should tore it down  I guess we had a bully good time on the road in New York  we had a good time every body said we was the best regiment that had come from Maine & out here they think the Maine boys are the largest and the rugedest men in the army  since I began to write this the 3rd regiment has gone by on its way to Virginia & it rains like the Devil  Silas Perkins is here & one of the Mass boys & we are having a good time singing & blackguarding  I have just heard that the second regiment has had a brush they lost 40 men but they hemed in 4000 rebels & kept them until reenforcement come up & helpt them & what the result will be I have not heard yet. But guess the rebels will get hell enough anyhow I don’t think of anything more at present I want you to write me all the news  I will send you some paper if I can get any worth it no more this time good G[od] Direct your letters to Washington D.C. Fifth Regiment Maine Co. E

J S French