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Francis Thibodeau Transcript

Grand Isle Plantation September 10th, 1862

To his honour the Adjutant General
of the State of Maine

We, the undersigned, after having completed our official duty as near as could be done by us, in accordance with your requisition, as to the present draft, by calling meetings and preparing all the materials as to the accomplishment of such draft; were much disappointed by the failure of every member of the company (excepting some two) to attend the meeting, so that we could not proceed in any accomplishment whatever.

The few reasons that we may present to your honour for such behavior towards our members are as follows.

First.  There is very few among us here who speak a few words of English, even I dare say there is none who can read and understand the English language; and for that reason there is but very few who comprehend why we are fighting for:  and are terribly stricken of the thought of going to the war.

Second.  Being very far from all communications, we need very much the work of our young men on farms (as there is hardly any commerce) to prevent the rest from starvation.

Third.  The climate being excessively cold here so that our men would not be able to make good soldiers in the burning hot of the slave states.

But if with all our best endeavor we should have been able to do any things, we should have been very much satisfied; but even if we should have filled our Quota we should be very much embarrassed as to have to conduct them at the place of rendez-vous being some two hundred miles from here, the nearest railroad communication being over one hundred and eighty miles off, besides not having any means to (pay) the expenses from here to there.

We the Assessors of Grand Isle Pl
are with respect

Francis Thibodeau)
Berni Plourd) Assessors
Alexis Cyr)