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George Dyer Bull Run Transcript

Washington, Tuesday, July 23, 1861

Dear Governor,

The wagons came through right.  The harnesses the same except that all of four sets of harnesses except that the collars and some small parts were lost or stolen here, most likely the last.  I have not del’vd the their parts yet.  Shall tomorrow to the 6th. Can’t say when to the other regiments.  The 2nd , 3rd, 4th and 5th are at Alexandria, and there is no getting at them.  The 2nd was pretty badly cut up on Sunday, is represented as having lost 150 men. The 3rd has lost about as many. The 4th as many or more.  The 5th still worse. The 2nd,3rd and 4th behaved well in battle.  The 5th it is said broke and ran badly.  Scattered and many are prisoners.  In fact as regards the whole of Howard’s Brigade, they were panic stricken, and lost about everything except muskets, and a large part of these.  We picked up 100 fugitives from our reg’ts  in the City yesterday & put them in quarters and provided for them.

None of field or staff killed.  Allen, Buxton and Hunkins stand by the wounded and are prisoners. Hamlin, Banks and Warren ran away most disgracefully and are here. So Captain Burns of 4th, Thomas of  5th & Lieut. Stearns of 3rd.  6th in camp at Chain Bridge guarding it & performing active picket duty 3 to 5 miles out in Virginia. Knowles behaves well. Burnham as well as possible. Pierce does nothing. Doct. Baker drunk every chance. Strickland Quartermaster quite poor. Reg’t in good health.  Matters here in most horrible confusion.

Yours truly
Geo W. Dyer
Address care of Hon F. A. Pike