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Isaac Dyer 15th Maine Transcript

New Orleans
August 27, 1862

Sir –

As the mail is not to be closed as soon as we expected I thought I would write a few lines in addition to what I have before written.

I learned this morning that a movement is on foot, originating at Gen. Butler’s headquarters, to make an acting Colonel of some Massachusetts man, and to make a Major of one of the Captains of the 14th Maine Regiment, for the 15th Maine Regiment.

Now I have no disposition or desire to occupy any position that I cannot fill with some degree of respectability, and if I am not qualified for a higher position, I think that I ought to be allowed the privilege of retiring to private life.

And what is the most mortifying of all is to think that a Massachusetts man must be taken. How far the “powers that be” here, may extend, I do not know, but I am satisfied that the Executive Department of Maine will not countenance it for a moment.

Colonel Nickerson I understand has been superseded by a Massachusetts man much his inferior in rank. Why it is that Maine has to be last and least in everything I can’t understand.

It seems as though we were considered the filth and offscouring of all creation.

To be sure we, the 15th Regiment, have had a hard time and been unfortunate, but it seems to me that is no reason why we should be kicked overboard. I am not in the habit of boasting of my abilities, but I am frank to say, that in my opinion I can take the 15th Regiment and whip any Regiment of the same number of men in this Department.

I am talking large I know, but I honestly believe that our men themselves believe that they are competent do it.  I may misjudge entirely and it may be that when they come to a hard place they may all run. If so, I am woefully mistaken in the composition of which the Regiment is composed. But no more of this ----- 

As I intimated in my last letter the major is on tiptoe again for a rise. He has started a petition, at his own suggestion, for the purpose of making him Colonel of the 15th Regiment. So you see that between two fires, my chances are small.

What I have written in regard to the movement to make a Major and Acting Colonel may all end in smoke, as I presume it will, but I think that such conversations have been had.

I wish that what I write may be kept private as the arrangements are pretty strict here about writing to the Governors of States.

I wish that the promotions that may be suggested by this mail for Lieutenants could be deferred until the next mail as I am very anxious that all shall be made harmonious.

Very Respectfully,
Isaac Dyer

His Excellency
Israel Washburn Jr.