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William S. Dodge Pay Day Transcript

Camp Jackson

Meridian Hill

Washington D.C. June 26/61

Governor Washburn


As pay day approaches, our Officers and men are beginning to enquire of whom they are to expect pay for services rendered say from the 26 th of April the day the entire Regt rendezvoused at Portland unto the 3 rd of May when they were mustered into service of the United States . Most of us suppose the United States will date the commencement of our service on the day of our Muster into Service of the Govt. If this opinion is correct of course the State owes us for the days as above stated. Now returns the question when and where will the state pay us this Amt of arrearage)

The state is also indebted to many of the Co's or their officers for services rendered as recruiting officers for their Several Companies, I desire to call your attention to this matter particularly because some Capt Beal of Norway, Co G. has been paid for such services. While Capt Stevens of Co F. (Lewiston) bill was before you at least three weeks before the Regt left Portland properly vouched and receipted and up to now nothing has been heard from it. The same is true respecting Co B. Capt Walker. It cannot possibly effect me to the Amt of a Cent whether these Bills are paid soon or at a more remote period, but I dislike to have certain men (political opponents) finding fault as they are continually with the State and with Republican Administration of its Public affairs or even to have the slightest occasion to find fault. I am a Republican up the hub one of the black sort , if you please and for this reason when I hear so much fault finding and by a clap of men that I have always known as Democratic politicians of the nem sort I would, if I had the power, remove every chance or possibility for finding fault because I know that it is only a part of an organized plan to get these volunteers votes after their return to Maine for some Humbug Maine Candidate , upon the slim pretext that the Republican party brought about the war and then about half paid and poorly clad the poor soldiers they sent from Maine to fight their battles for them. And to prove all will cite their cares enumerated as above of back pay and of with-holding from Captains of Democratic proclivities their dues when Republicans have been promptly paid for the same services. I trust you will pardon me for the liberty I have taken in thus writing to you and for thus apparently volunteering advice to the Honored Chief Magistrate of my native State. I have not meant, nor intended, any disrespect, on the contrary I believed it my duty to state to you facts as they exist.

I am yours Most Truly,

Wm. S. Dodge