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Daniel Cummings Transcript

Camp near Stonemans Sta Va 

May 21st, 1863

Co.D. 2nd Reg U.S. Sharpshooters

My Dear Father,

Your letter of May 18th, was recd today.  The sooner the proclamation you speak of is issued the better it will be for all of us   in regard to Lt. Col. Merrill every one speaks of him as a first class officer and one that never flinched from duty.  the 17th Me has won for itself a highly honorable name.  The rank and file are noted for their Soldierly look and bearing. You old coons that are at home ought to turn out with the old ladies some fine day and clean out the secesh sentiment in Portland.  What is it that you mean about their publishing what I said about Hooker in the papers   you don't mean to say that you have been making my letters public without my consent do you.  You will get your nose pulled if ever you play that kind of odds on me, However if you have done so I will excuse you just this once if you will forward the paper to me immediately as I shall be anxious to see what I did say and how it looks in print.  now trot it along.  I am very sorry to hear of mothers accident.  those crazy cellar stairs of yours should have risers put on them with a hand rail on each side, some time you will fall there and then they will be fixed as Brackett wanted them in the first place   Mother's accident can all be traced to your extreme poverty when you built that house.  Mother I am sorry for you.  I have not recd a paper from home since the last fight.  why is it  send them along and send the paper that I am anxious to see.  I am sorry to say that my Jaundice sticks to me strong   I feel pretty hard up at present, write soon love to Mother and all.

Your son,