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Christopher B. Martin Transcript

State of Maine
County of Waldo

I Christopher B. Martin now in prison at Belfast County and State aforesaid on oath depose and say that I enlisted into service as a State Volunteer at Rockland by Captain L. D. Carver Company D in May last 4 Regiment Maine Militia commanded by Col. Berry    I went with the regiment to City Washington D.C. and was in the Battle of Bull Run and was there taken prisoner by the enemy about 3 o’clock  in the afternoon Sunday – July – there were about 300 taken prisoners at the same time belonging to different Regiments.  I recollect there were some of the Vermont Reg’t   we were taken by a Company of mounted then marched off and put in tents – under guard 20 in a tent kept 3 days    an officer came to the tent      I was told it was General Beaurigard in Uniform Grey Dress with a gold belt round and a gold star & lace on each shoulder.  He asked us if we wanted to go home   we told him we did – he said if we would take the oath of Allegiance that we would not take up arms against the south we might go home   we took the Oath repeated after him with our hands on the Bible and was ??? march to the river Potomack under a guarde of 4 men   they set us across ina large canoe then went to Maryland  there crossed the deliware by to Jersey took the stemer at Amboy & to New York came to Boston and to Camden    Saturday 24 August went ot my Father’s house in Northport while at a neighbors was taken by a Constable 28th of August and committed to gaile at Belfast.  I had not seen my Father Paul Martin for more than a year past   he did not know of my enlisting into service – I now consider my self a prisonr of war by the Oath I have taken and ought not to be oblige or compeld to enter the service till liberated from the Oath I have taken  I further claim to be discharged from the service on account of my minority and not having the consent of my Father to enlist – I am the son of Paul Martin of Northport and fought well in the Battle at Bulls Run and claim an honorable discharge for my services   my Uniform Dress was taken from me and a lite Dress tiven me sugh as sitisens weare & a straw hat.

Christopher B. Martin

State of Maine)

) SS August 31 1861
County of Waldo)
Personally appeared Christopher B. Martin above named subscribed and made oat the the foregoing affidavit
Before me F.A. Lewis }Justice of the Peace