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Charles Doak Transcript

Camp Griffin
Dec. 30th 1861

To a distant Friend at home

I received your kind letter of the 22nd and was glad to hear from you that you were well having a good time.  I received a letter from Mill the other day and I should have answered them before but I have not had time to do it before.

I was on picket yesterday so that I have to day to my self we have to stand 24 hours on picket.
Now I will tell you how we spent Christmas.   The day before Christmas we had to clean up our things then we spent the evening in merriment at nine oclock we went to bed and had a pleasant nap till morning then it was turn out to roll call then it was a wish you mery Christmas all over the Regt then after that came breckfast  what do you suppose it was that we had  well I will tell you we had baked beans and hot biscuit and coffee then we had turkey for diner  it was nice baked beef and potatoes then for supper  we had fried donuts and hot tea.  We had the day to our selfs to go any whare we wanted to but that has pased and now comes New Years and thare is considerable excitement in getting ready to day for it. To-morrow we have an inspectsion and sine the pay roles.
To day our men went out in the woods and cut a lot of trees for the company to set out on the street the whole Regt have done the same.  We have got to have every thing in good shape for New years.

We have a plenty of cloths to ware and have a good log house to sleep in and have a fire-place in it and it looks a good deal like an old farmers house with the fire place in it to make it look comfitable and plesant.  I should like to send you a present but I cant get any thing to send to you and if I had I could not send it and be sure that you would get it.

I tried to rite as long a letter as you did but my mind has run short and I can not think of any more news to write to you
So I will close
                                    From an Absent Friend
                                     Charles H. Doak