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Abigail Ramsdell Transcript

Cutler, Oct 14th/62
Gov. Washburn.

Pardon us for troubleing you with wants, wishes and complaints.

Our Husbands are in the army.  We are entirely dependent up on them for the support of ourselves and familes.  While they were at home we were well cared for; at the present time we are really in want.  Have been informed that the state has made some provision for us so that we might not become paupers some of us called on the Fathers of the town all the satisfaction we could get, was, “go to the overseers of the poor.”  We think it rong for us to be compeled to do so as well as very trying.

Will you be so very kind as to inform us what course we are to take in order that we may obtain the amount we should receive from the state.  Any favor that you may be able to render us will be greatfully appreciated by us.

Your’s with Honered respects.

Please direct your answer to F. C. Burbank
Washington County Maine
A.C. Ramsdell
O. P. Perkins
E A Ramsdell
Lydia Maker
Emmy B Maker
Pheby Suffell