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Anonymous (National Draft) Transcript

Confidential Copy

I don’t know that you are aware of the state of feeling in this vicinity in regard to drafting, but I know that the people have borne this tyranny as long as they will: the strings are already to snap. The reason that I sent my son off is that if a draft’s made here & you undertake to drag a soldier off against his will, you will see the blood run in the streets and the torch of the incendiary will be applied to the buildings right away  You and I know that he would be the first one into it, I did not want to see him so engaged and so I sent him off –  Yes sir I would smash every damned Republican head in this place & burn their buildings before I would go – you undertake to drag a man into the army from this place against his will & you will see what I have told you, and by God I would help them —

There is your damned Governer Washborne, he dare not show his head – he could not pass through the town of Buckfield alive, nor could he stop over night in Paris Hill – the House would come down over his head—