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List of Soldiers 2nd Maine Cavalry Transcript (Excerpt)

List of Soldiers who have died in the 2nd Me Cav Vet Vols. From the Arrival of the Reg't in New Orleans La to the 8th day of November 1864
No Names Rank Company Date of Death Place of Burial Remarks & Deseases
1 Hagar Geo A. P E May 1st New Orleans Dysanteria
2 Soule A.C. P F May 20 Greenville Dysanteria
3 Woodbury Arad P C May 14 New Orleans Dysanteria
4 Heal Isaac P H May 30 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
5 Whitmore Joseph P D June 2 Thibodaux Convalescent from fever died of over-eating
6 Lamson Frank R P H June 10 Thibodaux Convalescent from fever died of over-eating
7 Coombs Isaac P H June 11 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
8 Edwards T.W. P A June 16 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
9 Pottle Tho's C. P E June 18 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
10 Brooks D.N. P B June 19 Thibodaux Shot by our pickets by mistake
11 Woods George G. P H June 20 Thibodaux Tuberculosis
12 Smith Cyrus P A June 21 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
13 Rand G.H. P Band H June 26 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
14 Kyes Abel H. P F May 26 Thibodaux Endo-Cardites
15 Dean Jacob P D July 3 Thibodaux Dysanteria
16 Hutchinson John P C July 4 Thibodaux Rubeola
17 Gibbs Charles P H July 4 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
18 Kennedy James D. P M July 4 Thibodaux Diarrhoea Chronica
19 Hammond Alonzo P F July 5 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
20 Young John P H July 5 Thibodaux Febris Typhomalariatis
21 Wallace J.S. P B July 7 Thibodaux Febris Remittens
22 Kendall Thos. D. P D July 7 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
23 Rand E.C. Band K July 9 Thibodaux Febris Typhoides
24 Siphers Nathan L. P I July 10 Thibodaux Febris Remittens & Rubeola
25 Bennett G.F. P C July 12 Thibodaux Diarrhoea Chron.
26 Young Edwin A. P K July 12 Thibodaux Febris Remittens
27 Trask David E. P M July 12 Thibodaux Febris Typhomalariatis