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Maine Land Office

Records of the Maine Land Office

The following selected list summarizes the principle series contained in the records of the Maine Land Office. 

Deeds and Related Materials, 1749-1949

  • Massachusetts Deeds, 1794-1828 
  • Records of Deeds of Confirmation, 1841-1843 
  • Treaty Deeds, 1868-1879 (Maine lands confirmed under the Webster-Ashburton Treaty of 1842) 
  • Records of Deeds, 1828-1940 
  • Deeds of Land Sold for Taxes, 1848-1854; 1909-1945 
  • Records of Land and Settlers' Certificates, 1842-1884 
  • "Miscellaneous" Records of Deeds, 1798-1949 
  • Revolutionary War Land Grants, 1830's

Field Notes, 1803-1890

The field notes give information about boundary lines, forest growth, topography, distances, and related information about the areas surveyed. They frequently contain information about hardships or unusual occurrances encountered during the survey. 


The maps prepared by the Massachusetts and Maine Land Offices, or accumulated by those agencies and the Maine Forestry Department represent various surveys and lottings of boundary lines undertaken since the Eighteenth Century. From time to time, the Maine Legislature authorized funds for the copying of early maps of Maine held by Massachusetts for the benefit of the Land Office. Other maps included in this series were prepared by various private concerns and acquired by the Forestry Department. A comprehensive index to the maps is arranged by the various counties of the State; and thereunder by town, township or plantation.