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State of Maine Commissioners' Seals

From Correspondences to the Secretary of State

To order reproductions of any of these materials from our holdings contact the Maine State Archives at 207-287-5795.

Scan of Chapter 134 of 1837 allowing the Governor to appoint out-of-state Commissioners to record deeds, etc.

Chapter 134.


Section 1. The governor shall have power to appoint one or more commissioners in any of the United States, who shall continue in office during the pleasure of the governor; and shall have authority to take the acknowledgment and proof of the execution of any deed or other conveyance or lease of any lands lying in this state; and of any contract, letter of attorney or any other writing, under seal or not, to be used or recorded in this state.

Section 2. Such acknowledgment or proof, so taken according to the laws of this state, and certified by any such commissioner, under his seal of office annexed to, or indorsed on such instrument, shall have the same force and effect, as if the same had been made before a judge or justice of the peace, or other officer, authorized to perform such acts in this state.

Section 3. Every commissioner appointed as before mentioned, shall have power to administer an oath, which may be lawfully required in this state, to any person willing to take it; and to take and duly certify all depositions to be used in any of the courts of this state, in conformity to the laws thereof, either on interrogatories proposed under commission from a court of this state, or by consent of parties, or on legal notice given to the opposite party; and all such acts shall be as valid, as if done and certified according to law by a magistrate in this state.

Section 4. Every such commissioner, before performing any duty, or exercising any power in virtue of his appointment, shall take and subscribe an oath or affirmation before a judge or clerk of one of the superior courts of the state in which such commissioner shall reside, well and faithfully execute and perform all the duties of such a commissioner, under and by virtue of the laws of Maine; which oath and a description of his seal of office, shall be filed in the office of the secretary of this state.

Seal of Theodore L. Moody from Alabama

Seal of Theodore L. Moody - Alabama, 1838

Commissioners Seal of Wingate Hayes, Providence, RI

Seal of Wingate Hayes - Providence, RI, 1859

Commissioners Seal of F.J. Thibault, San Francisco, CA

Seal of F.J. Thibault - San Francisco, CA, 1858

Commissioners Seal of Charles I. Bushnell for New York

Seal of Charles I. Bushnell - New York, 1846

Commissioners Seal of Nathaniel J. Herrick, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Seal of Nathaniel J. Herrick - Saint Paul, Minnesota, 1859

Commissioners Seal of Charels De Selding, Washington, DC

Seal of Charles De Selding - Washington, DC, 1846

>Commissioners Seal of Fletcher C. Andrew, Stockton, CA

Seal of Fletcher C. Andrew - Stockton, CA, 1860

Commissioners Seal of Lewis Hurst, New York

Seal of Lewis Hurst - New York - 1856

Commissioners Seal of Oren D. Bragdon, New Orleans, LA

Seal of Oren D. Bragdon - New Orleans, LA, 1872

Commissioners Seal of J.H. Woodward, Houston, TX

Seal of J.H.H. Woodward - Houston, TX, 1858

Commissioners Seal of J. Thompson Hallett, Milwaukee, WI

Seal of J. Thompson Hallett - Milwaukee, WI - 1856

<Commissioners Seal of John M. Fisk, Boston, MA

Seal of John M. Fisk - Boston, MA, 1859

Commissioners Seal of John T. Pitman, Great Britain and Ireland

Seal of John T. Pitman - Great Britain and Ireland, 1857