River Watch 

These information sources will help you keep informed about flood potential at any time of the year.

We also connect you to information about flood mitigation, flood insurance and preparedness. Please take a moment to review how you can protect your family and your business from Maine's number one hazard.

Tracking Current Conditions
National Weather Service Current Flood Information
Maine Cooperative Snow Survey
USGS Monthly Water Resources Report
USGS Stage Data for Maine Rivers
Northeast River Forecast Center
Kennebec River flows at Skowhegan, Solon and/or Bingham, provided courtesy of FPL Energy of Maine. Updated approximately hourly ONLY when flows exceed 15,000 cfs at Weston Station. Wyman (Bingham) and Williams (Solon) Stations will be added when Skowhegan flows exceed 25,000 cfs.
Floodplain Management and Flood Insurance
Maine Floodplain Management Program
Before the Flood: (minimizing losses and protecting your family's safety)
Maine Prepares ... for Floods
Flood Preparedness Information Resources