Current and Historical Reports

Current Year:

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Prior Years:

Date Note pdf rtf other
3/6/2014 615986-pdf
3/7/2013 511955-pdf
3/2/2012 357844-pdf 357844-doc
3/3/2011 205782-pdf 205782-doc
3/4/2010 92936-pdf 92936-doc
3/5/2009 68932-pdf 68932-doc
3/6/2008 51935-pdf
3/1/2007 33090-pdf 33090-rtf
3/2/2006 28948-pdf 28948-rtf
3/24/2005 28950-pdf 28950-rtf
3/3/2005 28949-pdf 28949-rtf
3/4/2004 28951-pdf 28951-rtf
3/27/2003 28953-pdf 28953-rtf
3/6/2003 28952-pdf 28952-rtf
9/25/2002 (Drought Task Force) 28954-pdf 28954-rtf
8/13/2002 (Drought Task Force) 29018-pdf 29018-rtf
5/10/2002 (Drought Task Force) 29019-pdf 29019-rtf
3/7/2002 29021-pdf 29021-rtf
1/23/2002 (Drought Task Force) 29020-pdf 29020-rtf
12/7/2001 (Drought Task Force) 29034-pdf 29034-rtf
11/14/2001 (Drought Task Force) 29035-pdf 29035-rtf
9/26/2001 (Drought Task Force) 29036-pdf 29036-rtf
8/27/2001 (Drought Task Force) 29037-pdf 29037-rtf
5/2/2001 29038-pdf 29038-rtf
4/18/2001 (Drought Task Force) 29039-pdf 29039-rtf
4/11/2001 29040-pdf 29040-2rtf
4/4/2001 29045-pdf 29045-rtf
3/28/2001 29041-pdf 29041-rtf
3/14/2001 29042-pdf 29042-rtf
3/3/2000 29043-pdf 29043-rtf
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