Hearing Aid Procurement Program

State of Maine Contracts for the Procurement of Hearing Aids

Background and Purpose
The Division of Purchases has entered into contractual relationships with a number of hearing aid manufacturers by participating in a multi-state cooperative agreement administered by the State of Minnesota Cooperative Purchasing Venture (MNCPV). These contracts offer significant discounts from list price on a variety of types and models of hearing aids.

The contracts were put in place primarily to serve Department of Labor, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation clients and Department of Health and Human Services, Office of MaineCare Services clients, but any state agency may utilize these contracts. Please click on the Departments names above to be directed to their websites (if available) relating to the State of Maine's hearing aid procurement program.

Opportunities for Municipalities and School Districts
The State of Maine, Division of Purchases is committed to providing purchasing opportunities for municipalities, political subdivisions, school districts, and other public entities. We encourage our contractors to make their services available to these entities through separate contracts but under the same terms offered to the State of Maine. For questions concerning contracting with any of the State of Maine's contracted hearing aid vendors, contact the Division of Purchases at (207) 624-7340.

Ordering Information
Please click here to find instructions on how to order from manufacturers and contact information for hearing aid vendors.

Contracts and Pricing
Click on the links below to see either the signed contracts (in pdf) with each hearing aid manufacturer, or the price lists (in pdf format).  Orders placed before 9/1/14 to these manufacturers can still be fulfilled and invoiced.  Pricing and availability of hearing aids has changed with the new contracts, so please check the “Pricing” files carefully.

Manufacturer Name
Contract Link (PDF)
Contract Pricing Link (PDF)
Beltone (GN Hearing)
Hansaton Acoustics
Oticon, Inc.
Phonak, LLC
ReSound (GN Hearing)
Rexton Division of Siemens
Siemens Hearing Instruments
Sonic Innovations
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.
Unitron Hearing, Inc.
Widex USA, Inc.