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Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers
License Renewal Online Service

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OnLine Renewals

How late may I renew on line?

  • Up to 90 days after the expiration of your license. After 90 days, you must renew directly to the office. Please contact the office for details if you are renewing more than 90 days after your license expires.

When do I have to include the $10.00 Late Fee?

  • You must include a $10 late fee if you renew after your license expires on December 31.

When can I expect to receive my new pocket card?

  • Approximately two weeks after payment.


Retired status or Inactive status

Can I renew my Retired status online?

  • Yes.

Can I change my status from Active to Retired online?

  • No. Because this status requires special handling by office staff, new retirees must mail in their card and payment.

What are the implications of placing my license in Retired status?

  • Retired status is intended only for licensees who are retired from the practice of engineering and do not intend to practice in the future.
  • The Retired licensee will be listed in our roster as Retired and will continue to receive any mailings the Board sends out.
  • Retired status is not intended for people who wish to inactivate their license temporarily and who may reactivate their license in the future.

How do I do place my license in Inactive status and what does that mean?

  • Choosing Inactive status indicates that you will no longer practice engineering in Maine.
  • You may reactivate an inactive license within three years of its expiration by paying all licensing fees from the date of expiration, including late fees, and providing your continuing education log with complete supporting documentation for the latest renewal period.
  • After three years, you must submit a new application for licensure and comply with all requirements for licensure in effect at the time of the new application, including passing national examinations. The board will assess the application and make a determination whether to readmit the applicant.


Mandatory Professional Development Requirements

Since 2004 all licensees have been required to complete 30 hours of Professional Development during each renewal period. You may review these requirements at:
or see Rules: Chapter 2, Section 12

How many PDHs earned can I carry forward to the next renewal period?

  • You can carry forward PDHs in excess of 30 PDHs, up to a maximum of 15 PDHs. If audited, you must be able to provide sufficient documentation for the prior renewal to substantiate the carryover, in addition to providing documentation for the current renewal period.

What kind of documentation should I provide with my renewal?

  • If you renew during the renewal period, send only the renewal card and continuing education card indicating the number of PDHs earned and carried forward.
  • If you are audited, or if you renew more than 90 days after license expiration, you must submit a completed Activity Log and complete documentation of the PDHs claimed.
  • You are required to maintain an Activity Log documenting the professional development you will claim. You can download the Activity Log from the website.
  • You must keep receipts or certificates or other documentation sufficient to demonstrate your completion of the PDHs claimed.
  • The Board will inspect your log and documentation if you are audited.
  • Failure to provide sufficient documentation of completion of PDHs could result in board discipline.



Questions about this Service? Contact the Board at: (207) 287-3236 or Email: