General Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently a Technician and now have my RRT credential from NBRC.  How do I obtain my Therapist License in Maine?
Yes, you will need to complete a new application to obtain the Therapist credential and you will be required to pay all of the fees.  You will also need to contact the NBRC and request a credential letter be sent to this office indicating successful completion of the RRT examination.  Please note the change from Technician to Therapist can not be done with submission of your license renewal application.


If I apply for a Maine license by endorsement do I need to obtain verification from every state that I have ever held a license in?
Yes, the Maine Board of Respiratory Care Practitioners requires that a verification of every license be submitted with the application, even if that license is not currently active.


Can I work with the NBRC credential in the State of Maine prior to my license being active?
No, Maine Law requires you to hold an active license with the Board of Respiratory Care Practitioners to provide services.


What if I don’t have an active license in another state, can I apply for licensure?
If you do not hold an active license, and you have been employed for six (6) months within the immediate three (3) years of the date of application to this office you will not be required to retake the CRT examination.  If do not have documentation of this employment you will be required to be re-credentialed by NBRC. 

[rules excerpt]An individual who holds a valid NBRC credential as a CRT or RRT shall be required to retake the entry level CRT examination administered by the NBRC, or meet at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Has been employed as a Respiratory Care Practitioner for at least six (6) months within the immediate three (3) years of the date the Board received the application; or
  2. Holds a current and valid respiratory care license, registration, or its equivalent in another state at the time of application.


If I had a license in the State of Maine, do I need to obtain a verification of that license?
No, we would have all your information on file.


What if the other state will not forward the verification to me?
If the other state requires that the verification be sent directly to the State Office, please make note on your application that it arrived or will be arriving separately.


Will the NBRC send the Credential Letter to me?
The NBRC will forward your Credential letter to this office and we are aware of this and allow for this to arrive separately from your application.


Last Updated: December 23, 2013