Administering Drugs and Immunizations for Currently Licensed Maine Pharmacist

The Maine Board of Pharmacy is pleased to announce that a Maine licensed pharmacist may apply for authorization to administer drugs and immunizations.  The fee is $20.00. 

Once approved, the pharmacist will receive a new license, which will include the text "authorized to administer drugs and immunizations." 

The expiration date of the authorization will coincide with the current pharmacist license expiration date.  

In the event that a pharmacist files a late renewal (on or after January 1, 2010 and within the 90 day window for late filings, the pharmacist will be subject to the additional $10.00 fee for renewal of the authorization to administer drugs and immunizations in addition to the pharmacist's license renewal fee of $75.00 and a late filing fee of $50.00.  A friendly reminder that once your license expires, your privilege to practice in Maine as a pharmacist ends.  The 90 day window for a late renewal filing does not grant you the privilege to practice under an expired license.

A person who does not hold a Maine pharmacist license may apply for authorization to administer drugs and immunizations when he or she applies for the Maine pharmacist license by using the application to apply for a Maine pharmacist license by Reciprocity/Endorsement or Score Transfer or Examination.  The option to request authorization to administer is contain therein.

For your convenience, the following is a link to PL 2009 Chapter 308 An Act to Allow Pharmacists to Administer Certain Immunizations

For more information see the Board of Pharmacy FAQ's


How to apply

  • Authorization to Administer Drugs & Immunizations for Currently Licensed Maine Pharmacist: $20.00
  • Annual
  • December 31st
Requirements Application for Authorization to Administer Drugs and Immunizations

The Following is the Application Procedure:

  1. Complete the application for Authorization to Administer Drugs & Immunizations as directed on the application with the appropriate fee. (payment may be made in the form of a check or money order payable to Treasurer, State of Maine, VISA or MasterCard - see credit card authorization form).
  2. A copy of the 20 hour course of study or college transcript must be included with the application. (Training must be within 3 years immediately preceding this application for a certificate of administration).
  3. A copy of the Life Support Training (CPR) must be enclosed with the application.
  4. Upon receipt, the application will be reviewed to determine your eligibility. Once your completed application has been accepted, this office will issue your Authority to Administer Drugs & Immunizations.
Apply Now Authorization to Administer Drugs & Immunizations

How to apply for a Maine Pharmacist License

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Renewal fees and information

  • Annual renewal fee $10.00
  • Renews annually on December 31st with Pharmacist License
  • Continuing Education:15 hours of Board approved Continuing Education, of which at least 2 hours must be in board-approved courses on drug administration as described in section 13702-A, subsection 28. The continuing professional pharmaceutical educational courses consist of postgraduate studies, institutes, seminars, workshops,lectures,conferences, extension studies, correspondence courses or such other forms of continuing professional pharmaceutical education as may be approved by the board.
Renew Now with your current Pharmacist License
  • Fill out the online renewal application and submit.

    The Department must verify that you have met all the conditions for renewal before your license is renewed. Online submission of your renewal application should not be construed as automatic renewal of your license.


Last Updated: May 5, 2014