Frequently Asked Questions - Journeyman Oil Burner and/or Solid Fuel licensees

Do I need to pass a test?

Yes. You must get 70% correct in order to pass.

What are the different types of exams?

1 & 2 Oils up to 15 gph
1 & 2 Oils over 15 gph
4, 5 & 6 Oils
Solid Fuel

How do I apply to take the exam?

Click HERE to download an exam application. Submit the exam application with a $25 application fee. IMPORTANT: You must receive approval from the Board prior to scheduling your exam.

How do I schedule my exam?

After you receive approval to sit for the exam, you may register and schedule your exam by calling 1-800-343-6001 Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. or 24 hours a day online at

How often is the test given?

The test is given six days a week.

How much does the test cost?


Once I pass the exam, how do I become licensed?

Board staff will provide you with a licensing application. Complete the application and return it to this office with appropriate fees.

Is my application confidential?

No. With the exception of Social Security Number, all application information is public. Contact information provided to the Board is posted on our website.

Email the Board's Licensing Staff

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Last Updated: August 21, 2014