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UnumProvident Clinical, Vocational, and Medical Services
Statement Regarding Professional Conduct

Dear Benefits Center Clinical, Vocational, or Medical Professional:

UnumProvident is committed to standards for the prompt, fair and reasonable evaluation and settlement of claims. As participants in the claims process we play an integral role in achieving these service standards and must be willing to subscribe to the Benefits Center Philosophy:

       With a commitment to integrity, quality and superior service, we will:

  • Make appropriate decisions by providing a thorough, fair and objective evaluation of all claims.
  • Pay all valid claims in a timely manner with a high level of service.
  • Partner with our customers in their efforts to return to work or to independent living.

The Benefits Center Philosophy cannot be fully realized without our full commitment to our professional ethical standards. Likewise, UnumProvident’s commitment is that these standards not be compromised in the course of our work activities on its behalf. Ultimately, however, professional ethical conduct is an individual responsibility. The measure of our success is how we conduct ourselves each day.

Please review and retain the attached "UnumProvident Clinical, Vocational, and Medical Resource Statement Regarding Professional Conduct.” I/we am/are confident in your commitment to conduct yourselves in accordance with these high standards.


Chief Ethics Officer


UnumProvident Clinical, Vocational, and Medical Professionals’
Statement Regarding Professional Conduct

Clinical, vocational, and medical professionals within the Benefits Center will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, ethical codes, and standards of professional conduct.
  • Communicate with partners and internal customers promptly and professionally.
  • Discuss medical and/or vocational facts in an open and honest manner.
  • Provide fair and reasonable evaluations considering all available medical and/or vocational evidence, both objective and subjective, both supporting impairment and supporting capacity.
  • Consider all diagnoses and impairments, and their effect on the whole person, when evaluating medical and/or vocational data in a claim file.
  • Work with or refer files to other appropriate medical personnel when specialization prevents one professional from considering all impairments and diagnoses in an evaluation of the whole person.
  • Complete "Fair Claims Settlement Practice" training annually.
  • Represent medical and/or vocational facts accurately.
  • Provide reasonable, clear, and accurate explanations of professional opinions so that clear and full explanations of decisions based on those opinions are available to the claimant.
  • Avoid redundant or unnecessary requests for information, e.g. duplicate information, data not reasonably required for adequate analysis, or data not material to the analysis of the claim.
  • Report any significant barriers to achieving the Benefits Center Philosophy and its application to your management, directly to the company’s Chief Ethics Officer or through the Business Practices & Ethics Hotline as outlined in UnumProvident’s Code of Business Practices & Ethics.

I have read and understand the principles and guidelines above. I agree to abide by these principles in my work on behalf of UnumProvident Corporation, and to consult with peers, managers, and ultimately the Chief Ethics Officer if I am unclear regarding my responsibilities under these principles or encounter barriers to abiding by them. In addition, prior to making each determination as to a claimant’s impairment, for which I have been trained, I will certify that I have reviewed all medical, clinical, vocational and other evidence provided to me bearing upon impairment.


Last Updated: August 22, 2012