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Exhibit 2 is responsive to Paragraph B.3.a. of the Regulatory Settlement Agreement.

Current Organization

In the current organization of the Companies’ claims operation the primary responsibility for making a claim decision rests with a Disability Benefit Specialist (“DBS”) who generally receives guidance on a given claim from a Consultant who has more claim handling experience. The DBS also has access to additional internal resources, including nurses, physicians, vocational rehabilitation specialists, accountants and lawyers. The DBS’s are in units that report to Managers and Directors, who have more claims handling experience but generally perform management roles and are not involved in individual claim files. Consultants generally do not have management responsibilities.

Changes in Claim Organization

In order to address areas of concern noted in the Multistate Examination Report and increase the effectiveness of the claims operation in processing claims, changes are being made to increase the claim handling experience of personnel involved at the earliest stage of reviewing a claim, add to the accountability for compliance and increase the involvement of higher level management in approving claim decisions. The primary changes are as follows:

1) The Consultant position is being eliminated, and the individuals serving in that position are being reassigned to various other positions, including DBS, Manager, newly created positions in the Claim Reassessment Unit, and the newly created Quality Compliance Consultant positions.

2) Individuals serving in the existing Manager positions will become more directly involved in daily activities and decisions associated with claims; will be directly accountable for claim decisions made in their unit; will ensure that appropriate actions are taken and information received on claims before a decision is made; and will be responsible for developing the technical expertise of the staff in their unit. Managers generally have at least five years of claim handling experience.

3) A new position, Quality Compliance Consultant (“QCC”) will be created to focus upon compliance, documentation, accountability for compliance, issues of fairness to claimants, and avoidance of improper claim practices. The position description for QCC is set forth in Exhibit 3.

Last Updated: August 22, 2012