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Exhibit 1 -- Attachment A-2

(Notice to Claimants w/Claim Closure Coded as RTW)



Re: Claim No. ___________

Dear [personalized]:

            As part of a multistate settlement with insurance regulators and the United States Department of Labor (the “DOL”), The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company, Provident Life and Casualty Insurance Company, First UNUM Life Insurance Company and UNUM Life Insurance Company of America (“the Companies”) have agreed to implement a Claim Reassessment Process, under which your long term disability claim as captioned above may be eligible.

            Our records show you returned to work and that places you in a special category relating to eligibility for the Claim Reassessment Process. If you believe your claim was inappropriately denied or terminated you may be eligible for benefits for which you have not been paid and are entitled to request that the Companies review their previous decision to close your claim. The settlement with insurance regulators and the DOL sets forth the procedures under which the Companies will conduct the Claim Reassessment Process. This Process will be monitored by the insurance regulators and, as to claimants who are or were covered under an employee benefit plan, by the DOL. A copy of the Regulatory Settlement Agreement is available on the website of UnumProvident Corporation.

            If you wish to elect to participate in the Claim Reassessment Process, you must do one of the following within 60 days of the date of this letter:

  • Fill out and return the enclosed sheet in the envelope provided; OR
  • Visit[TO BE DETERMINED] with your claim number ready (provided at the top of this page); OR
  • Place a toll-free call to and provide your name, current address and claim number. This phone number is provided for your convenience in making your election to participate, but no other information is available currently through this special temporary line.

Your decision to participate in the Claim Reassessment Process will be acknowledged by the Companies.

            The Companies will review claims of those electing to participate based on the original dates of when the claim was denied or closed with the oldest closure dates being reviewed first. The Companies will send you a second notice at a time that is closer to the period when your claim will be reviewed indicating the approximate time period of that review and requesting that you complete and return a Reassessment Information Form to provide information needed for the review of your claim.

            Once you have completed and returned your Reassessment Information Form, the Companies will acknowledge its receipt and indicate any specific information that is still needed in order for the Companies to reassess your claim. Once our prior claim decision has been reassessed and any additional investigation is completed, the Companies will advise you in writing whether your claim will be re-opened and further benefits paid.

            You are under no obligation to participate in the Claim Reassessment Process. Should you decide not to participate you will not lose any rights that you otherwise have. However, should you choose to participate, you will need to agree that if (and only if) the reassessment results in a reversal or other change in our prior decision denying or terminating benefits, you will not pursue legal action against the Companies to the extent (and only to the extent) such action would be based on any aspect of the prior denial or termination that is reversed or changed.

            If you have already commenced legal action relating to your prior claim(s) decision, please provide a copy of this letter to your attorney as soon as possible so that he or she might advise you concerning the alternatives. If, after consulting with your attorney, you decide to participate in the reassessment, you will need to agree to take such action as is necessary to seek to stay such litigation pending the outcome of the reassessment process. If the court does not agree to a stay and a final verdict or judgement is entered prior to completion of the reassessment, the Company will have no further obligation to reassess your claim. If the court stays the litigation relating to your claim, you will need to agree that if (and only if) the reassessment results in a reversal or other change in the prior decision denying or terminating benefits, you will withdraw and dismiss with prejudice your litigated claim, including extracontractual claims, to the extent (and only to the extent) such claims are based on any aspect of the prior denial or termination that is reversed or changed. In other words, to the extent that following the reassessment there remains a complete or partial denial of benefits, a claimant’s right to initiate or continue litigation regarding that portion of the prior denial that has not been reversed or changed shall not be waived. As to any portion of a prior denial that is reversed or changed and you have agreed to withdraw the action as described above, the Company will attempt to reach agreement with you regarding the payment of any reasonable attorney’s fee to which you may be entitled under law, and if we are unable to reach such an agreement, you will not be prejudiced from pursuing such fees in a court of law. After you have discussed this with your attorney, we encourage your attorney to contact the attorney representing the Company to discuss these matters so that you might make an informed decision regarding participation in the reassessment process and your other alternatives.

            These agreements relating to commencing legal action and any pending litigation, which will be included with the Reassessment Information Form for you to sign, will not apply to the extent that our prior decision denying or terminating benefits is not reversed as a result of the Claim Reassessment Process and any applicable statute of limitations will be tolled during the pendency of the reassessment process..




Last Updated: August 22, 2012