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Docket No. INS 08-600


By Order dated January 15, 2008, Bureau of Insurance Attorney Pamela Stutch, the Maine Insurance Superintendent’s Designated Hearing Officer in this matter, granted a limited waiver to Angela R. Gilliam to participate in the business of insurance pursuant to 18 United States Code § 1033. The Order limited Ms. Gilliam’s participation in the business of insurance to the position of Customer Service Representative for the Cox Insurance Agency as described in the materials and hearing pertaining to this proceeding. The Order stated that should Ms. Gilliam seek employment in the business of insurance in any manner other than as described therein, she would seek a further waiver from the Maine Bureau of Insurance or from the insurance regulatory official in the state or territory where she is employed, if not Maine at that time.

By letter received at the Bureau of Insurance on June 17, 2008, Ms. Gilliam petitioned to have the Order revised to permit her to become a Licensed Insurance Producer, noting that she had passed her licensing examination. Tammy L. Jawdat, Agency Manager for the Cox Insurance Agency, submitted a letter dated June 12, 2008, in support of the petition. Ms. Jawdat’s letter, in addition to Ms. Gilliam’s petition, are hereby incorporated into the hearing record in this matter.

The Designated Hearing Officer re-opened the hearing record on June 30, 2008, to receive testimony in support of Ms. Gilliam’s petition. Ms. Jawdat described the duties that Ms. Gilliam would have as a Licensed Insurance Producer and discussed the training and supervision that Ms. Gilliam would receive in that role. Ms. Jawdat stated that all sales work is performed in the office itself and that she oversees the propriety of the transactions completed. Ms. Gilliam testified that she has paid all fines associated with her November 2007 conviction, and there have been no criminal convictions or arrests since.

Ms. Gilliam has been employed as a Customer Service Representative at the Cox Insurance Agency since January 2008. Ms. Jawdat testified that Ms. Gilliam has been an asset to the agency. There is no evidence to suggest that Ms. Gilliam’s proposed employment as a Licensed Insurance Producer at the Cox Insurance Agency or elsewhere would pose any risk or threat to insurance consumers or to insurers. In light of the additional evidence submitted, this office finds that Ms. Gilliam has satisfactorily demonstrated that she is entitled to a full waiver of the prohibition of employment in the insurance industry provided for in 18 U.S.C. §1033.

Revised Order

Angela R. Gilliam is hereby granted full consent by this Office within the meaning of 18 U.S.C. § 1033 to engage in the business of insurance.

This Revised Waiver is effective as of July 14, 2008.

Notice of Appeal Rights

This Order is a final agency action of the Superintendent of Insurance within the meaning of the Maine Administrative Procedure Act. It may be appealed to the Superior Court in the manner provided in 24-A M.R.S.A. §236 and M.R. Civ. P. 80C. Any party to the hearing may initiate an appeal within thirty days after receiving this notice. Any aggrieved non-party whose interests are substantially and directly affected by this Order may initiate an appeal on or before 40 days after the date appearing below.

July 14, 2008 ______________________
Pamela Stutch
Maine Bureau of Insurance
Designated Hearing Officer



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