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Consumer Information

The Maine Bureau of Insurance is here to make you aware of your rights and assist you with issues and questions about your insurance coverage. Before you buy, contact the Maine Bureau of Insurance.



We provide brochures to help you with your insurance needs on auto, health, home, life, workers’ compensation and other insurance topics. They can be viewed online or ordered from the Bureau of Insurance. Many brochures are available in Spanish: Publicaciones en español

Life Situations: Tips & Information

Insurance concerns will vary depending upon where you are in life. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) provides general information for consumers at all life stages. Just click on a link below to learn more about auto, home, health, and life insurance issues that may affect you. Each life stage contains tabs, as shown below, with suggestions and considerations. For example, the Auto 101 tab will give you information about Auto insurance for the life stage you selected. If you have questions specific to Maine’s insurance regulations, you can always contact the Bureau.

Life Situation Tabs

Life Stage Links

Planning a road trip? Worried about an aging parent? Regardless of where you are in life, the following links may help you or someone in your family.

How to file a complaint

The Bureau can help you better understand your insurance and, when necessary, can contact an insurance company or agent regarding a specific case. If you feel that your insurance company has handled your claim or canceled your policy inappropriately or has treated you unfairly, the Bureau can help. A completed complaint form, with the appropriate signatures, authorizes the Bureau to investigate a complaint on your behalf.

How to find out more about an insurance company or agent

Is the company or agent licensed in Maine? Before buying insurance, make sure the company is licensed in Maine.

fight fake insurance

Call 1-800-300-5000 before you buy.

How is the insurance company rated? The following financial organizations provide ratings for insurance companies. You may also contact the Maine Bureau of Insurance for financial rating information.

Special topics


Consult our glossary of terms to make sense of words you need to understand when buying insurance.











Last Updated: February 26, 2015