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Board Actions - Effective 1/10/13

The Board assumes no responsibility for any errors in the information provided, nor assumes any liability for any damages incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of the Board of Osteopathic Licensure website.

Blaik, Robert, D.O. (#1411;Portland) - January 2012 Consent Agreement regarding unprofessional conduct. Blaik Consent Agreement (pdf)

Labelle, Inna M., D.O. – (#1790, Atlanta, GA) – December 2012 – Consent Agreement terminated. Licensee satisfied all terms and requirements. LaBelle Letter (pdf)

Painter, Stanley, D.O. (#808, Winthrop) February 9, 2012 Consent Agreement regarding permanent voluntary surrender of license. Painter Consent Agreement (pdf)

Perakis, Charles R., D.O. (#881, Scarborough, ME) – November 2012 – 1st Amendment to 2010 Consent Agreement and Board Order reducing the number of visits required with the licensee’s treating physician to twice annually with reports to the Board in February and July. Also reduces to no less than every other month the frequency of treatment sessions with the licensee’s substance abuse treatment provider. Perakis Amendment

Perakis, Charles R., D.O. (#881, Scarborough, ME) February 9, 2012 Consent Agreement regarding unprofessional conduct. Licensee was censured, fined and must take a pre-approved professional boundaries course. Perakis Consent Agreement

Piper, Natania Y, D.O. (#1973, Caribou, ME) – May 2012 – Second Amendment to Consent Agreement & Board Order reduces the substance monitoring requirement for random hair sample testing to four times per year and, reduces required visits with the licensee’s Primary Care Physician to twice per year with reports due on the first of June and December. Piper Amendment

Schiff, Craig, D.O. (#2080, Presque Isle, ME) – June 2012 – 1st Amendment to January 2011 Consent Agreement changes workplace monitoring requirements. Schiff Amendment

Strohmeyer, Lawrence P., D.O. (#1365, Waterville, ME) – November 8, 2012 – Final Board Decision & Order granting the licensee a conditional license to practice only in a Board pre-approved group practice for a minimum of one (1) year and to comply with all terms of his 2007 Consent Agreement with the Board to the extent that each condition remains applicable and until such time as a new Consent Agreement is executed by the parties addressing, among other issues, his new practice setting. Dr. Strohmeyer shall not practice medicine until such time as he is authorized by the Board. Board Order

Strohmeyer, Lawrence P., D.O. (#1365, Waterville, ME) – April 2012 Interlocutory Decision & Order – Continued license suspension – 180 days (from 4 12 2012). Licensee must enroll and actively participate in an intensive individual outpatient treatment program (to be approved by Case Reporter) with Board consideration of the program evaluation/assessment and the imposition of additional license conditions, if recommended, which may include substance monitoring, resumption of psychiatric treatment and resumption of chart reviews. Strohmeyer Interlocutory Decision & Order

Yorkey, Donald F., D.O. (#809, Westbrook, ME) August 2012 Consent Agreement including 1) a reprimand, 2) continuing medical education regarding interpersonal communications and on the management of nonmalignant chronic pain, 3) chaperone requirement, and 4) informed consent prior to treating or examining a patient. Yorkey Consent Agreement