Document Date Format
1. Advantage Journal Template 06/23/2011 Excel
2. Reporting Unit Request - Single Request 08/14/2014 Excel
3. Reporting Unit Request - Multiple Request 08/14/2014 Excel
4. Estimated Revenue Request 06/22/2011 Excel
5. Petty Cash Authorization (New) 08/08/2013 PDF
6. Petty Cash Authorization (Update) 08/08/2013 PDF
7. Signature Authorization
   (For Advantage Accounts Payable and Journal Voucher OSC Approval)
10/08/2013 PDF
Document Date Format
1. Direct Deposit / Electronic Funds Transfer Activation/Change
    Direct Deposit/EFT Guidelines
(Note: If you are Paymode/Clareon vendor, you do not need to complete this form. Instead, please contact Paymode at 1-877-443-6944.)
11/17/2014 PDF
2. Direct Deposit / Electronic Funds Transfer Deactivation 04/16/2013 PDF
3. Vendor Activation/Change    (Form Instructions)
 (aka State of Maine Substitute W9)
11/17/2014 PDF
4. Vendor Deactivation 01/21/2010 PDF

NOTE: If you are using VSS (Vendor Self-Service) as you are bidding on a contract or commodity, please complete the Substitute W9 Form above. If you are not bidding for a contract, please do not use VSS.

Document Date Format
1. Employee Direct Deposit Request 04/17/2008 PDF
2. Duplicate W-2 Request 11/17/2005 PDF
3. Replacement Check Request (SAL/SUP/PAY) 08/20/2009 PDF
4. Miscellaneous Payment Request 05/18/2011 PDF

5. Lost/Damaged Check Request (LOS) **Use for check being reissued**

Note: Please do not use this form's accounting codes on cash receipt if you are not planning to resissue payment.

08/20/2009 PDF

6. Payment Reversal Request **Use for check being stopped; no reissue**

Note: Please make sure to use original payroll accounting codes for cash receipt stop.

11/17/2005 PDF
7. State Reimbursement 03/24/2010 PDF
16. W-4 Employees Withholding Certificate 2015 PDF
17. W-4ME State Employees Withholding Certificate 2014 PDF
18. Security Application (HR System & MEPERS) 03/08/2012 PDF
19. Security Application (MS-TAMS) 03/08/2012 PDF
Security Applications
Document Date Format
1. Advantage Security Application (Includes Fortis)
      (Form Instructions)
04/16/2013 PDF
2. GQL Warehouse & SQL Financial Cube Security Application 04/09/2012 PDF
Document Date Format
1. Advance Voucher & Out of State Travel Request 09/06/2011 Excel / PDF
2. Air Travel Quote Submission 12/12/2006 Excel / PDF
3. Expense Voucher 07/22/2010 Excel / PDF
Document Date Format

1. For Internal State Use Only W9 State Completed (State is receiver of funds.)
   Note: Agencies are welcome to sign on behalf of.

This form is NOT to be used by outside vendors or VSS. Please use Substitute W9 under Vendor Forms.

02/20/2015 PDF

**Documents are supplied in PDF format and require the free Acrobat Reader for viewing or printing. If you need an alternate format, please contact us via email or phone (207-626-8420).