2014 OIT Tech Night

March 27, 2014


3:30 - 4:30: Technology Fair

4:30- 4:40: Master of Ceremonies WELCOME!

4:40 - 5:15: Student Challenge: All Students

5:15 - 5:25: Challenge Results

5:25- 5:50: Pizza Dinner

5:50 - 7:00: Activity Breakout Sessions all Students

7:00 - 7:30: Trivia Questions, Movie, Photos and Closing Remarks

Information Tables

Here are just a few of technologies that will be showcased during Tech Night! We'll add more as information becomes avaiable.

Networking - a showcase of hardware and software utilized in networking applications and solutions. This will include pictures of our new data center.

GIS/Transportation - a showcase of the interesting technology at MaineDOT. Attendees will be able to interact with web based mapping applications on desktop and tablet devices. We will have a poster display of the ARAN vehicle that collects inventory information and show how that is integrated into our applications. Staff will be available to answer questions in more detail.

Linux - a trio of laptops, 2 with Red Hat 5, 1 with Fedora 17, all networked to each other. One will offer the Scratch application and allow students to write and try out simple coding scripts; the others will be connected to a webserver and offer simple web pages.

Radio - MSCommNet is the Maine State Communications Network. The State is building a modernized and unified land mobile radio communications network to replace several existing obsolete radio systems. The new radio system is a hybrid of state of the art digital computer technology with traditional analog (pre-computer) technologies. The system will be used by Maine State Troopers, Game Wardens, Marine Patrol Officers, Forest Rangers, and many other State agency radio users. Aside from portable radios carried by people, mobile radios are installed in cars, pick-up trucks, boats, airplanes and helicopters; and control consoles are installed at dispatch centers. Mountaintop repeater sites are solar powered and interconnected by microwave dishes. MSCommNet will provide radio coverage statewide and bring radio communications into the digital age.

MEGIS - a display of examples in geospatial technology used in the State.

Accessibility -a showcase that include videos on how to make media accessible to the blind/visually impaired and deaf/hard of hearing. Jaws screen reader and web accessibility. Speech to text and text to speech technology.