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Maine State Communications Network



Statewide Radio Network Board

      The Statewide Radio Network Board is chartered to establish standards for statewide radio and network system operations.


      Statewide Radio Network Board established by Public Law, Chapter 634 MRSA §1520, Sec. 3, sub-§1



Board Members

      Richard B. Thompson, Chair


      David Bernhardt , Director Dept. of Transportation

      Michael Burns, Asst. Director Dept. of Transportation

      Michael P. Cantara, Commissioner Dept. of Public Safety

      John Fetterman, Deputy Chief, Marine Resources

      Charles Jacobs, Acting Director MEMA

      Dave Packard, AITD/Dept. of Corrections

      Col. Craig A. Poulin, ME State Police Dept. of Public Safety

      Col. Thomas Santaguida, Warden Inland Fisheries

      Alan Stearns, Senior Policy Advisor Governor's Office

      Bill Williams, Supervisor, Forest Protection Dept. of Conservation

Statewide Radio Network Board Projects




  Design/Construction for:

    Infrastructure (Towers/Shelters/Generators)


    VHF Radio Equipment


  Information Meetings


MSCommNet Accomplishments to Date

       RFP for Engineering and Design

       2006/2007 Construction with DOT

       Collaborative efforts with Municipalities/Counties

       Agency Tower Consolidation

       MACRO Design Reports

   Executive Summary
   Remote Site Report
   Coverage Report
   Frequency Report
   Microwave Design Report
   System Design Report
   Supplemental Site Report


       VHF Technology


       Digital Microwave

       DOT Site Permitting and Land Acquisition

    Strong Partnership



Next Steps – 2006/2007

       Evaluate Cost and Benefits of different deployment strategies.

v  OIT System Deployment Strategy 

     Systems Integration
     DOT- more expansive role


       Funding (State & Fed)

v  Certificate of Participation

     $10,000,000 issued to date
     Authority exists for an additional $10,000,000
     FY 08/09 request to complete system, $30,000,000

v  Grants



v  Government (Federal, State, local and County)

v  Private

       Deployment Procurement Project

v  RFP,  SOW , Negotiated Contract, etc.


       Site Permitting Project (DOT)


       Outreach to Municipalities/Counties



Collaboration Opportunities

      Opportunities Explored:




   Penobscot County
   City of Augusta
   Knox County
   Statewide Informational Meetings

    State Agencies activities currently completed or underway:


   Coggans (Union): tower Site
   Cooper (Calais): tower Site
   York: tower site


      Next Steps:

    Complete Process for Co-Locating on State Infrastructure Documentation

    Determine Rate Criteria/Structure for Participation (it is not free)

    Develop Sample Contact/Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)


Benefits of Collaboration

      Sharing of infrastructure saves dollars for all participants

      Ensures standardized technology and equipment

      Interoperability goals attainable

      More efficient use of VHF spectrum


Co-Locating Assumptions


    Responsible for all infrastructure construction, maintenance and costs (towers, shelters, generators, etc.)

    Manages all modifications to site

    Provide designated shelter space for non state entities (including 24/7 access)


       Collaborative Partner:

    Ensuring interference free spectrum

    Professional management of site environment

    Must meet State technical standards



Project Timeline


Key Milestones


             Implementation Approach DecisionOct. 2006


             RFP for Implementation Approach 1st Qtr. 2007


             Begin Deployment          – Fall 2007


             2006 Construction Season – Complete 2007


        Cadillac Mountain
        Cooper Hill
        Granite Hill
        Ossipee Mountain (Waterboro)
        Spruce Mountain
        York, DOT Maintenance Garage

Project Estimated Costs

      VHF Radio Subsystem     $24,861,026


      Microwave Subsystem     $10,142,873


      Site Development                $8,776,460


      Radio Project Office                     $4,069,547


      Technical Support               $1,174,890

                             TOTAL      $49,024,796

Funding/Expenditures FY 2007

Funding to date (October 2006):                                                  $10,120,300

Department of Public Safety                                                         120,300

Initial Certificate of Participation (COP)                                           10,000,000


Expenses to date (October 2006):                                                     $364,000

Macro Design Project                                                                           248,000

                Radio Project Office                                                                 115,397


Currently Available……………………………………………………….$9,756,300



Authorized and available Funding total:                                     $20,120,300

Funding through October 2006                                                        10,120,300

2nd COP June 2007                                                                         (10,000,000)

Collaborative funding County/Municipality                                                 - 0 -


Total projected FY07 expenses:                                                      $3,087,878

Expenses through September 2006                                                        364,000

2006/2007 Construction                                                                        1,404,030

Site Permitting Project                                                                             340,000

Deployment Procurement Project                                                        579,848

Radio Project Office                                                                                 400,000

Systems Integrator                                                                                          - 0 -


Budget Projections



Known Funding through FY07: $20,237,500


Total Funding required for project: $49,265,426


Added sources of revenue being sought:

Grants and Partner participation.


FY08/FY09 Lease Purchase Authority to be requested



Operational Costs and Revenues

Annual costs to support radio infrastructure and operations is $2.4M


OIT developed rates to cover costs of maintenance and operation


Agencies have submitted budgets based on rates and current radio inventories


OIT Radio Operational Support rates: