Statewide Radio Network Board

Statewide Radio Network Board. The Statewide Radio Network Board (SRNB) was chartered to establish standards for statewide radio and network system operations. The board works closely with all departments and agencies to identify radio and network requirements for the statewide system to ensure that agency program requirements are met to the maximum extent possible.

The board is chaired by the State's Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CIO directs the state's Office of Information Technology (OIT) within the Department of Administrative and Financial Services (DAFS).

Statewide Radio System Upgrade Project. Under the direction of the SRNB, the State is developing and commissioning a unified state land mobile radio network for state law enforcement, public safety, and public service agencies. The MSCommNet project is being designed to accommodate continued interoperability with other public partners and is scheduled to be fully operational by the Fall of 2012.

The new system will utilize significant portions of the state's existing communications infrastructure with a modern technical foundation that addresses current and future technical needs, regulatory compliance, and business requirements.

Statewide Radio Network Consolidation. OIT's Radio Services Operations office has been working to consolidate the management of radio communication systems statewide. This consolidation commenced in 2005 and is occurring simultaneously with the statewide radio system upgrade project.

The Statewide Radio and Network System Reserve Fund. The Statewide Radio and Network System Reserve Fund was established as an internal service fund in the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, Office of Information Technology (OIT). OIT manages the fund and is expanding, upgrading, and replacing the statewide radio network system for use by state agencies and others (the MSCommNet project). OIT charges a fee to agencies using the statewide radio and network system in accordance with an established rate structure.

Page last modified: May 20, 2011