Keyword Search Tips

  • Keyword search terms must be at least four characters.
    • For example, it won't find P25, VHF, or MSP, because they are less than 4 characters.
    • It also won't find P-25 or (MSP) because the word itself (without the special characters) is less than 4 characters.
  • If a word has a hyphen, it will find it, if each part is at least 4 characters.
    • For example, it will find narrow-band, but won't find car-to-car.
  • Keyword searches are not case-sensitive.
    • It will find upper or lower case words, regardless how typed in.
  • The search will only return exact matches.  It does not do partial word or wildcard searches (*...).
  • You can put in multiple words, but it will find all instances of those words.
    • For example, you can put in "state police" and it will find all instances where "state" or "police" are mentioned, but more than what you were probably looking for, which is Maine State Police.
  • Keyword searches can be done on strings.
  • The keyword search automatically returns the title of the FAQ.  By clicking on the link, the answer also appears.

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Page last modified: May 18, 2011