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  1. In the past to put mobile frequencies on base stations, there must have been pre-approval.  Are you saying that it is okay to put these frequencies into the base stations?  If we have multiple agencies involved, it is imperative that RCC can monitor especially SWCC.  It would be instrumental that base stations have the frequencies.
    1. No, frequencies are for immediate on scene simplex use for limited amounts of time.


  1. Your slide should read State Fire, not State Wide Fire?
    1. Yes, we will modify the slide


  1. In a meeting about ten days ago, preparing for a drill of seven hospitals, there was a discussion about tower access on Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN) towers.  What is the situation with MPBN and the overlap between the State and States access to the MPBN assets?
    1. MPBN is not a State entity, three or four entities have contacted us, and we have not turned anyone away at this time.  We are continuing to consider all options.


  1. Do you know of any counties going to MPBN with “no charge” to the counties?
    1. We do not know of any specific agreement, we do know that they (MPBN) are willing to cooperate.


  1. Penobscot County is on Almanac Tower, this is MPBN.  We have two antennas and a repeater on the tower.  We pay to cover our expenses.
    1. We intend to participate with those interested.  It comes down to need, cost and does it work for the participants.


  1. All hospitals have new base stations, is there a link (frequency) available for inter-hospital communication across the State? 
    1. At this time there is not, Joe Grimmig is researching this.  He is beginning by going back to a document that was created in the1969 report to the Maine Hospital Association titled An Emergency Medical Communications System for the State of Maine.


  1. For schools on NOA, are we close to seeing all schools on NOA?
    1. We have not been engaged in the NOA school issue.


  1. A Cingular (207) customer calls the 800 number for MEMA.  They were refused service.  I thought the State should know about this.
    1. OIT had no knowledge of this prior to the Bangor meeting.  We have tested the 800 number and found that there is a problem with calling 800-452-8735 from a Cingular line. We are working with the cellular provider and the local telephone exchange to resolve this issue.
  2. Perhaps the Public Safety RCC will need to make the call for us because something will need to be activated?
    1. We are aware that there may be times when a request for C”ONOPS activation may have to go via radio to your local dispatch. It would be expected that your local dispatch call the 800 number with the required information and request a CONOPS.  


  1. In the timeline are you indicating that this project will be complete in 2007?
    1. No, the RFP and contract has been committed for early 2007 and for whoever receives the contract to begin.  There currently is not a fixed timeline to complete the project.


  1. Since narrow banding is the way things will have to be done, it will interfere with wide band frequency.  You are going to have a wicked impact.  Remember what happened in New Hampshire.  In Penobscot County eighty hospitals had to co-ordinate so there would be little acrimony.  It would seem that the co-ordination seems to be the key to success.  Thirty five years ago going from low band to highband, the FCC said it would license and straighten out as it goes, well it is much more complicated this time and it will take a substantial amount of money.
    1. The State has already obtained a significant portion of their licenses as narrowband.  We are beginning to obtain the rest of our frequencies as narrowband.  Entities that narrowband will be better off.  If you do not have narrowband radios, you may have issues.


  1. Should public safety entities be narrow banding today?
    1. Narrowband your frequencies as quickly as you possibly can and use them.


  1. If we don’t own towers, the rental space is pricey.  It would be cheaper to jump on a State owned tower.  However, coverage will be an issue and until you get closer to the end result it will be hard for communities to commit.  There is a lot involved.
    1. We are not asking for commitment at this time, however we are trying to inform any potential partners of our process and timeline.   It will be more difficult for those that are already involved in a commitment to move on to a State tower.  So, our first adopters may be those who haven’t made the commitment.


  1. Are the VTAC channels going to be incorporated with CONOPS channels?
    1. As the VTAC channels clear up, we envision incorporating them, this will probably not happen until the 2013 deadline.


  1. What do we do to install the CONOPS frequencies?
    1. Mobil and portable radios can have the CONOPS channels put in now. These are not to be installed in base radios without a formal letter of approval from the Maine State Police.


  1. Is there something in the works RCC to RCC channel?
    1. Not at this time.


  1. Is there a way for RCC to talk to RCC?
    1. There are licenses out there for county base stations to speak to each other.  This was contemplated during the LEAA days.


  1. Does it make sense to share our frequency inventory?
    1. It makes sense for communities to work together to share frequencies if it is within the scope of the existing license.


  1. Sometime a while back we participated in a dispatch/PSAP survey.  Has this been put together as a document?
    1. The survey had disappointing participation.  This was in spite of a lot of effort to obtain full participation of approximately sixty surveyed.  We sent out letters and ultimately made personal phone calls.  The reports for distribution were developed, but without the full database the results are of nominal significance.  On the bright side, Kennebec County worked hard to get all the entities in Kennebec County to participate in the survey and the Board has used their results for some efforts.


  1. Will you be looking at standardization of EMS equipment?
    1. We are not looking at this, however we understand that there is an effort by MEMA and Sandy Parker from MHA this is primarily an EMS issue


  1. Will the six designated ConOps frequencies become narrow-banded in the future?  If so, would it make sense to, when licenses are received; add these to the list of available ConOps frequencies?  Maybe designating the narrow-band versions as NWCC – NS and SF – NS, etc….
    1. Yes, All frequencies will be required to go to narrowband. As this happens the state will go narrowband and remain backward compatible until 2013.  All frequencies will keep the same frequency number.  We do not want to create two names for any one frequency.


  1. It looks like Motorola Minitor V is capable of wide or narrow band channels, and single or dual channel configurations with scan.  Does the State of Maine plan to obtain a statewide contract that would include counties and municipalities?
    1. At this time there is no contract with the State of Maine for Minitor pagers. Future state contracts for radio equipment will be offered statewide, to all municipal/county entities.  





Bangor Attendee’s in Highlight

Bangor Attendees




  1. Are you familiar with IMC’s cross agency concept?
    1. Yes, the interface server currently resides on the state’s network.


  1. Does level 3 include the top 3 and level 6 include the top 6?
    1. Yes, that is correct.


  1. How do we integrate our Federal partners with what we’re playing with?  Customs and Border, Marine Patrol
    1. When they are in the State they can use our frequencies.  The Federal Partners had a seat at the table and signed the Memorandum of Agreement. The state is not authorized to use the federal frequencies.


  1. Is this something that should be placed in affect immediately? 
    1. ConOps is already in place.


  1. What is ERP?
    1. Effective Radiated Power


  1. What is PL?
    1. Private Line


  1. Sanford is a territorial community; they work with the Secret Service.  They have their network and we have ours.  Is there any mechanism that will give us interoperability?
    1. This is the same as with Department of Defense.  They can use local ConOps frequencies if they choose to program them into their radios.  There is a legal issue with outside agencies using federal frequencies.


  1. Is reciprocal happening with federal partners?  Will we go to theirs or they to ours?
    1. They will shift to our local frequency.


  1. Some of us are halfway through the budget for 2007.  When will the rate structure be available?
    1. It will be several weeks before we have the rate structure.  This would not impact 2007 because we will not have the rates in time.  It will be available for 2008 budget year.


  1. We have been holding back our decisions in order to partner with the State on microwave in York and several sites that we own.  Who do we contact?
    1. Lavana Snyder (email:  telephone: 624-9511)



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Lewiston Attendees