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Learn more about the State of Maine's Radio Services operations and objectives, and the Maine State Communications Network (MSCommNet) project.

MSCommNet Project Office:

    Tom Driscoll, MSCommNet Outreach Coordinator
    207-446-4583, e-mail: Tom.Driscoll@maine.gov

    Craig Hitchings, Radio Project Office Manager
    207-624-7803, e-mail: Craig.Hitchings@maine.gov

    Rachael Garippa, MSCommNet Project Manager
    207-624-9875, e-mail: Rachel.A.Garippa@maine.gov

    Office of Information Technology
    Radio Project Office (MSCommNet)
    Physical address: 290 State Street
    Mailing address: 91 State House Station
    Augusta, ME 04330-0091

    Office phone: 207-624-8800
    Fax: 207-287-6652

Radio Services Operations:

    John Covert, Radio Operations Manager
    207-215-3648, e-mail: John.B.Covert@maine.gov

    Office of Information Technology
    Radio Services Operations
    Physical address: 23 Leighton Road
    Mailing address: 147 State House Station
    Augusta, ME 04330-0147

    Office phone: 207-624-8800
    Fax: 207-287-5623

Executive Management:

Statewide Radio Network Board Members

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