MEGIS provides technical support for Maine GIS data, estimates on custom mapping, as well as consultation on data and application development, as time permits.

MEGIS Projects

Enhanced 9-1-1 Maintenance
Maintaining and updating Maine's Enhanced 9-1-1 data.
Enhanced 9-1-1 Project
Helping to create physical addresses for the communites of Maine.
National Hydrography Dataset
Enhancing Maine's current 1:24,000 digital hydrography data to create National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) high-resolution data.
GIS Billing Unit Billing Frequency FY08 Rate FY09 Rate
GIS License Pool Per Usage Yearly ArcInfo: $1.11/hour
Arcview $ .65/hour
Extensions: $ .20/hour
ArcInfo: $1.11/hour
Arcview $ .65/hour
Extensions: $ .20/hour
Internet Mapping Applications Per Application Monthly $320.00 $290.00