Momentum Secure File Transfer

  • Status: Operational
  • Availability: 24x7
  • Prerequisites: Secure Client
  • Pricing / Charges: $13.50 per account plus setup fee of project
  • Service Components Included in Base Price: Full momentum support

What OIT Provides: Full support of all transactions.

What the Customer Provides: Customer is in charge of submitting files to momentum server and providing the secure client.

How to Obtain Service: Open trouble-ticket for new services by e-mailing

How to Escalate Service Issues:

Contact Sandra P. Saunders, Enterprise Applications Manager

Benefits / Advantages: This allows for secure file transfer between clients and servers.

How to Start This Service: Open trouble ticket for new services and have secure client installed on the PC.

Other Information: We use WSFTP_Pro for secure file transfers and Momentum's Automated File Director (AFD).

Files are able to be forwarded to their final destination based on filename.