Instant Messaging

  • Status: Operational
  • Availability: 24x7
  • Limitations: Internal instant messaging to other addresses that have the service enabled.
  • Instant Messaging to the internet is currently not available on this system
  • Prerequisites: AD account required

Pricing / Charges:

  • $19.92 one-time fee
  • $3.00 per month per user

Service Components Included in Base Price:

  • License
  • Account set-up on maintained up-to-date Live Communications server

Options Available for Additional Charge: n/a

What OIT Provides:

  • Set-up of account on Live Communications server
  • Skilled technician to install client software

What the Customer Provides:

  • Accurate information of the account, including billing information to be enabled with this service
  • Access to personal computer where the software is to be installed

How to Obtain Service:

  • Submit a request to your Helpdesk via e-mail or phone
  • Provide name of account to be enabled along with location of PC that the client will be installed on

How to Escalate Service Issues:

Contact Sandra P. Saunders, Enterprise Applications Manager

Benefits / Advantages:

  • Instant access
  • Ability to tell what the user's availability is: on-line, away, be right back, busy do not disturb, appear offline

How to Start This Service: Service will start up on boot of PC

Related Services and Products: None