Fortis Document Management

  • Status: Operational
  • Availability: 24x7
  • Prerequisites: A PC or Internet browser
  • Pricing / Charges: There is a variable one time charge based on project size and complexity, plus a monthly charge of approxi­mately $160 per concurrent user.

Service Components Included in Base Price:

  • License cost and annual maintenance of Fortis licensing
  • Full server support including service packs
  • Helpdesk support of all Fortis products
  • Training of users

Options Available for Additional Charge:

  • Inflo workflow processing - varies according to complexity
  • EnableIt integration with desktop applications - varies according to complexity
  • IPortal which will allow for deployment of documents through the Internet
  • ApproveIt - varies according to complexity

What OIT Provides: Full requirements gathering, setup, and support

What the Customer Provides: Works with analyst to provide requirements and provides commitment to test and accept sys­tem.

How to Obtain Service: Open a trouble ticket for new services by e-mailing

How to Escalate Service Issues:

Contact Sandra P. Saunders, Enterprise Applications Manager

Benefits / Advantages:

  • Allows agencies to retrieve documents electronically with better searching capabilities
  • Allows agencies to be "paperless" and saves space
  • Streamlines processes

How to Start This Service: Use Powerweb to search documents using a browser, or use a Fortis client installed on the PC.

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Other Information:

  • This product fully integrates with Microsoft Office Suite
  • This product handles workflow processes to route documents automatically and can be sent through an approval process.
  • This product can integrate with all business applications which will allow queries of documents within other applications.

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