• Status: Operational
  • Service Level Targets: To be used by all OIT STAFF and APPLICATION SUPPORT STAFF throughout State Government.
  • Availability: 24x7
  • Prerequisites: Access into the State's Firewall and Intranet access.
  • Pricing/Charges: tbd

Service Components Included in Base Price:

  • Agent Account.
  • Ability to read, Open, Edit, Close and do reporting of Tickets
  • Portal for entering "Requests" for non-agents

What OIT Provides:

  • Set-up of account on FootPrints server
  • Skilled technician to maintain projects and monitor system

What the Customer Provides:

  • Completed Request to enter FootPrints
  • Project Name where agent needs to reside
  • Project "build" information and plan if new Project is needed.
  • Names and email address of agents needing access

How to Obtain Service: Submit a request by email to OIT.Customer-Support or call the Customer Support Center at 624-7700.

How to Escalate Service Issues:

Contact Sandra P. Saunders, Enterprise Applications Manager

Benefits / Advantages:

  • Ability to document and follow work flow.
  • Ability to converse with other State Agencies in a collective partnership.
  • Ability to collect statistics on work flowing thru your work group(s).
  • Ability to create Reports.
  • Ability to request service from State IT staff and Application Support staff.
  • Ability to track service standards by History collection.

How to Start This Service: Bring up Web browser and point to FootPrints sign-in.

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